Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Reveals Crossplay And Cross-save, Plus Updated Theme Song

We now also know the release date for the GameCube favorite's remaster, coming out on several platforms.

Square Enix has put out a brand-new trailer with plenty of cool new information about the upcoming Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition. We already knew, of course, that the game would come out on the Playstation 4, Switch, iOS and Android. But now, thanks to the trailer, we have January 20, 2020 as the official release date. More importantly, Square Enix has announced cross-play and cross-save as part of the game. (Cross-save has not been officially announced in English yet, but the official Japanese site outlines cross-saving progression as an upcoming feature.) And if loyal fans listen closely, they can hear a beautiful remaster of “Morning Sky,” the opening for the game.

Once the game arrives, players will likely be eager to try out the announced multiplayer modes. According to Square Enix, you’ll be able to recruit up to four friends in order to take down bosses. And, of course, along what’s a pretty positive trend in games, you can engage in both cross-play and cross-save between the four available consoles. You’ll still need your respective gaming console’s online service to join in.

It’s truly an upgrade from the GameCube version of FFCC’s multiplayer, which required every single player to utilize the Gameboy Advance adapter. A Gameboy Advance itself about $140 in today’s money, which can get you at least one Nintendo 3DS and maybe two 2DSes if you’re lucky. Once you started picking up adapters, that racked up fast. (Chances are, if you played Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventuresyou had at least one, but in this case you’d need at least two.)

Meanwhile, the new trailer version of “Morning Sky” sounds fresh, to say the least. Most notably, the vocals have been updated, with a unique new expression to them. The entire mix of the song as a whole has been updated, and it feels far “fuller.” (The power of reverb is real, fam.)  As incredible as the original song was, the new weightier feel makes the song feel more worth of being a primary theme.

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The choice to use a remastered song is optimistic for those who want to see the whole soundtrack redone. In fact, it seems like Square Enix as a whole is making some fans happy with their choice of music thus far for all their remasters. For the Final Fantasy VIII remaster, they opted not to use the less-favored PC edition soundtrack, but instead the original PlayStation version. For the Kingdom Hearts remasters, many of the game’s beloved tracks saw reorchestrations. Not to mention Final Fantasy VII‘s extremely famous “One Winged Angel” was already remastered for the crossover series. (Which means between 1 and 2, plus the 1 and 1.5 remakes, plus Advent Children… yeah, that’s a lot.) And with Final Fantasy VII Remake pretty much being its own new game, we’ll definitely be hearing new versions of plenty of old classics.

The new trailer also announced a few new nifty updates to the game. All the characters will have more extensive voice-overs, with a shouted group attack being used as an example in the game, and players can pick up additional skins for their favorites. Plus, there’ll be some new updated and higher-difficulty bosses to tackle.

Again, the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition hits Playstation 4, Switch, iOS and Android January 20 next year. There’s no word on on the pricing yet.