Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remaster Delayed Until Summer

The revamped version of the GameCube RPG was originally set to launch next month.

Square-Enix took to its social media accounts to announce that the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition won’t be making its originally scheduled January launch date.

Now, the re-release of the GameCube RPG will be coming to PlayStation 4, Switch, and mobile devices next summer.

Once the game eventually comes out, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition will feature cross-play and cross-save, allowing you to both play with people on other platforms, as well as transfer your save file and progress between different systems. So if you start the game on PlayStation 4, you can still play with Switch and mobile players, or just send your progress between those platforms and play with them on their native platforms. This sounds like a significantly more enjoyable way to play multiplayer in the co-op-centric game than the GameCube original, which required you to use a link cable between the console and Game Boy Advance systems to use them instead of, you know, a GameCube controller.

More recent news on the Final Fantasy series:

If nothing else, this lets the remaster get out of the already bloated first quarter of 2020, where the games are just piling up, it seems. Major games like Doom Eternal, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Persona 5 Royal, and Final Fantasy VII Remake all set to launch in March alone. Historically summer is a bit of a dry spell for major game releases, so Crystal Chronicles might find a bigger audience there when fewer games are fighting for people’s time.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition isn’t the only Final Fantasy re-release/remake/remaster in the news these days, as Final Fantasy VII Remake is only a few months away from being released into the world in March. Well, part one, at least. Square-Enix is breaking that game up into a multi-part series of an unknown number of games that will likely not be done until sometime into the next console generation, which is set to begin in the holiday season of next year. But with development of part one nearing its end, Square-Enix has confirmed part two’s dev cycle is now in full swing.

While the games department of Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy empire is busy enough with all these remakes, ports, remasters, and presumably Final Fantasy XVI somewhere in all of this, the company is also partnering with Sony to develop a live-action television series based in the world of Final Fantasy XIV, but details are incredibly scarce at this point.

As for the most recent mainline game, Final Fantasy XV’s DLC plans went under in November of last year after its director, Hajime Tabata, left the company. But the game was a launch title for the Google Stadia, which has had an extremely rough launch, despite Google’s plans for it in the future.


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