More Details About Final Fantasy 15 Mobile MMORPG Unveiled

After a few years of silence, we now have more information about the upcoming Final Fantasy 15 mobile MMORPG.

With the wild success of Final Fantasy 14, it’s a surprise Square Enix didn’t try to move into more MMORPGs sooner (though given Square Enix’s production cycle on the game, long-time fans will tell you maybe that’s for the better). Now, though, Square Enix has announced an MMORPG that’s based off the Final Fantasy 15 setting — and made exclusively for mobile.

While it appears the game was announced a few months ago, more information on the game’s details was unveiled this week.  Most of the press releases for this week’s announcements were in Chinese, Japanese and Korean, but much of the info was translated thanks to Enduins.

The game’s story as we know it right now parallels the original Final Fantasy 15 story — literally. After Prince Noctis starts his journey, players trek on a parallel timeline with friends to save the world. The theme is reportedly around the “Origin of Mythology,” which we just know for now is the title of this drawing that Yoshitaka Amano shared in 2016:

Final Fantasy XV -Origin of Mythology-

(Please don’t ask me about any further details on that art.)

Right now, the game is tentatively called Final Fantasy 15 Mobile — but we’re sure it’ll change. After all, pretty much every other mobile game by Square Enix isn’t just called “Mobile,” but instead has a fancy title to distinguish it as a spin-off. For instance, there’s already a FF15 port called Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition. Square Enix also published Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, the Final Fantasy Dimensions series, and Kingdom Hearts’s prequel game Kingdom Hearts Union χ.

The world, obviously, is going to be at least as interesting as the title. Apparently, there won’t just be the well-known regions from the original JRPG. The mobile MMORPG adds new regions such as “Great Pagoda,” plus some massive new floating continents. (Because any good MMORPG needs floating islands!)

And, of course, they’re going to try to maintain the style that made the original game so popular: “Final Fantasy XV mobile has an immersive story, attractive characters, and a JRPG-specific feels,” said Park Ji-young, CEO of development studio JSC. He gets it.

More Final Fantasy:

The game will be first released in the Chinese market by Shanghai Oriental Pearl, which worked with Sony to bring the PlayStation to China. The game will have a global release later in its lifespan. Development will be handled by JSC and GAEA; the latter is known for its broad selection of ported and mobile games, including Gwent’s Chinese port, Dead By Daylight,  and the now-defunct Elder Scrolls: Legends.

While MMORPGs seem ambitious for mobile platforms to Westerners, it’s not far-fetched in Asia. In fact, popular Korean MMORPG Black Desert Online recently released its own mobile port. Publisher Pearl Abyss even made its own graphics engine for the game.


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