FFXIV’s Heavensturn Event is Back With a Year of The Tiger Celebration

The seasonal event comes roaring in January 5.

It’s that time of year again in Final Fantasy XIV; the usual set of seasonal celebrations come and go at the end of the year, and the beginning of a new, with back-to-back launches as we enjoy the holidays. The Starlight Celebration still has almost a week left, but as we say goodbye to cute minions and furnishings we welcome Heavensturn back. This year, you’ll celebrate the Year of the Tiger for the first time starting on January 5 just after Patch 6.05. The event ends on January 19.

2022’s Heavensturn adds to your collection of glamour inspired by the Chinese Zodiac, rewarding players with a Gold-lacquered Tiger Helmet and Silver-lacquered Tiger Helmet. Square Enix also has another housing goodie for decorators with The White Tiger furnishing. It’s another nifty divider-style piece, and all of these are of course limited to pick up during the seasonal happening’s two-week window.

If you want to grab new Heavensturn rewards, you’ll need to be level 15 and head to the Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:11.5, Y:13.9) so you can speak to Tora Bugyo. He’ll assign you to the quest Tangle with a Tora, which we (typically) also get an achievement for completing. The questlines for Heavensturn are quite simple and have asked us to complete low-level Fates in exchange for the rewards every year since 2016. They spawn frequently, too, so you shouldn’t be waiting around for long.

Every year, Final Fantasy XIV ushers in the New Year with Heavensturn, but you may notice the 2022 celebration is a bit later than normal. It’s not by much, as we often see the party start on December 31, but Endwalker’s delay caused a few more hiccups in the content pipeline so we’re seeing events delayed ever-so-slightly. Last year, Eorzeans learned a little more about customs in the Far East with festivities around the Year of the Ox—and even these small events had me feeling a little more thankful as the FFXIV team worked to bring us something while adapting to pandemic workplace changes.

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As for this year’s celebration, I’m pretty thrilled we finally get to do something for the Tiger, and these are probably my favorite glams from the event yet. The divider does have Byakko on it though, so since I hate that fight and its long wind-dodging sequence in the middle, I’m mixed on whether or not I’m willing to put him in my house. I reckon Byakko wins this time, as it’s just too neat for me to pass on.