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FFXIV Revamps Glamour Plates in 6.1, Doubles Glamour Dresser in 6.2

You can now use Glamour Plates in most safe zones!

For a number of Final Fantasy XIV players, Glamour is the true endgame. They pour their heart and soul into making up new looks and outfit combinations. It’s a personal quest to look the best you can in-game. If the traditional endgame expands with each patch, why not Glamour?

In this morning’s Live Letter From Producer, FFXIV creative director and lead producer Naoki Yoshida revealed that the Glamour System would be getting some improvements soon. Alongside new hairstyles for Hrothgar and Viera in Patch 6.1, the team is also increasing the number of Glamour Plates available. Players will get access to five more Plates, for a total of 20.

In addition, the FFXIV team has heard your cries! You’ll be able to activate Glamour Plates in nearly every Sanctuary. If you get rested experience in a safe zone, you should also be able to change your plates, though there may be some exceptions.

Finally, they’re also addressing the biggest ask for most Glamourheads. The team is trying very hard to double the number of available Glamour Dresser slots from 400 to 800! This change won’t be coming in Patch 6.1 however. You’ll have to wait until Patch 6.2.

That subsequent patch will also introduce a new feature called Dreamfitting. This will allow players to try on MogStation items in-game. It’ll be available when you interact with the bed in your inn room, hence the name. Yoshida jokes about players being able to buy these items in-game as well, but he’s skeptical about actually adding such a feature.

The new functionality for Glamour Plates alongside the vast increase in the Glamour Dresser should make a ton of Glamour-focused players very happy.

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