FFXIV Opens Weapon Design Contest For Reaper and Sage

Now players can craft their own weapons for the latest Jobs in FFXIV.

A few weeks ago, the FFXIV team announced the winners of the Weapon Design Contest. The contest kicked off in August of last year, with players able to add their designs on given weapon templates. The two winners were chosen for each Job: one that fit the game’s normal aesthetic and another that’s a bit more whimsical.

The winners and the runner-ups represented some fantastic, imaginative designs. Unfortunately, two Jobs were missing from the line-up. Since the contest began prior to the release of the Endwalker expansion, Reaper and Sage were not included in the entries.

When the winners were announced, the FFXIV team promised to start up a new contest to rectify the problem. That contest was kicked off earlier today with a post on the Lodestone blog. The entry period for submissions begins today and ends on June 12, 2022 at 4:00 PM PDT.

FFXIV Sage Type C
An example of the Type C Sage design.

The post includes new weapon design templates. While there’s a single template for the Reaper, the Sage comes with three different templates, depending on how the nouliths rest on the back of the character when not in use. Type A is the standard horizontal placement, Type B has the nouliths in a diamond shape, while Type C is vertical placement slanted 45 degrees. You can see the Type C version in the image above. The contest rules stipulate that all four nouliths have to be identical.

According to all of the nitty gritty legalese, the winners will be notified on the Lodestone website “on or about” January 31, 2023. The grand-prize winners get their designs brought to life in the game and get the exclusive Paraserpent parasol item in-game. The twenty finalists simply get the Paraserpent item. Finally, the fifty runners-up will get a digital item pack that includes a Bluebird Earring, a Scarf of Wondrous Wit, a Mandragora Choker, an Ahriman Choker, Noble Barding, a Gaelicap, and the Modern Aesthetics – Strife hairstyle. So get out there and try to add your personal signature onto the world of FFXIV!