FFXIV Patch 6.05 Details; Savage Raids, New Gear, and Tomestones of Astronomy [UPDATED]

We hope you like squad wipes because Patch 6.05 brings the heat with Savage versions of the Pandaemonium Asphodelos raids and high-level gear.

It’s time for another Final Fantasy XIV patch! The game was offline for all players for a maintenance period that started on January 3 at 9 p.m. PT and ended January 4 at 2 a.m. PT. This scheduled five-hour maintenance was for the implementation of Patch 6.05, which added a chunk of new content to play through — especially for those fond of going savage mode. Below, we’ve summarized and highlighted the major changes made with Patch 6.05.

[Update: The Patch 6.05 notes have been published on the official FFXIV Lodestone site and the patch is now live. This story has been updated to reflect the important details.]

Pandaemonium Savage Raids and Rewards

The major feature in Patch 6.05 is the Savage difficulty versions of the Pandaemonium Asphodelos raids. This covers the first four instances of the raid series, and those who have completed the normal versions can jump into Savage for the extra challenge and new rewards. Take note of the average item level requirements for each Savage-level instance: ilvl 570 for The First Circle, ilvl 575 for The Second Circle, and ilvl 580 for both the The Third Circle and The Fourth Circle.

As for rewards, players who complete a Savage version of a Circle will roll for Asphodelos Coffers. These will contain a specific type of gear for the Job you open it as. Players may only roll for these coffers once a week per Circle — essentially, you have four chances at coffers by completing each Circle once before the weekly reset. Additionally, players will earn one Asphodelos Mythos for each Circle cleared once a week — these are tokens you can trade in for high-level gear.

Savage raiders beware: Only one Asphodelos Coffer will drop if you complete a Circle with one to four party members who have already cleared it for the week, and none will drop with five to seven party members who have cleared it for the week.

You’ll need to clear the normal versions of the raids before going savage mode. If you need a hand clearing any of the four fights on normal difficulty, be sure to use our Pandaemonium Asphodelos raid guides:

The New Tomestones of Astronomy

If Savage raiding isn’t your thing, you still have something new to work toward: Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy. This is the new Tomestone implemented with Patch 6.05 for Endwalker, which you can earn through Duty Roulettes for better endgame gear. Like other high-end Tomestones from previous expansions, it’ll be subject to a weekly cap of 450 Tomestones per week (weekly reset is on each Tuesday at 12 a.m. PT). In the process, you’ll still earn Tomestones of Aphorism for the Final Fantasy IV-inspired endgame gear, however, gear earned through Tomestones of Astronomy have a higher item level. The following outlines the updated number of Tomestones you’ll earn daily through each Duty Roulette:

  • Expert: 60 Aphorism, 40 Astronomy
  • Leveling: 100 Aphorism, 20 Astronomy
  • Trials: 60 Aphorism, 15 Astronomy
  • Main Scenario: 100 Aphorism, 50 Astronomy (and 300 Poetics)
  • Alliance Raids: 120 Aphorism, 50 Astronomy (and 120 Poetics)
  • Normal Raids: 60 Aphorism, 20 Astronomy (and 80 Poetics)
  • Mentor: 30 Aphorism, 10 Astronomy
  • Frontline: 50 Aphorism, 20 Astronomy

Other New Content: Treasure Dungeon, Crafting Recipes, and More

Perhaps new endgame gear doesn’t excite you. Well, Patch 6.05 features a new Treasure Hunt dungeon with Excitatron 6000. It’ll be similar to previous Treasure Hunt dungeons — special eight-player instances that you can access after opening special coffers found through Timeworn Kumbhiraskin treasure maps.

For those who enjoy the more chill side of FFXIV will be excited to hear that there are a number of new crafting recipes. As of the latest update to this article, the new recipes and master recipes have not been outlined by the official Lodestone site. There is also a new mount and a new minion (the gold Lunatender).

Notable Job Changes for Ninja, Monk, and Others

Some important tweaks were made to certain actions for a number of Jobs. While there isn’t anything akin to a significant overhauls, Ninja and Monk players in particular will want to take note of how their actions have changed.

For Ninja, Forked Raiju and Fleeting Raiju are now separate actions, and Fleeting Raiju is now a melee-range attack instead of a gap closer. Now, after casting Raiton, you’ll be granted “Raiju Ready” and then you can either use Forked or Fleeting Raiju. To make up for them being separate actions instead of a combo, their attack potencies have increased from 400 to 560. Also, Phantom Kamaitachi takes the place of Bunshin’s action button after Bunshin is executed — Phantom Kamaitachi no longer consume a stack of Bunshin to execute and it’ll remain available for 45 seconds, even after all Bunshin stacks are used.

For Monk, all AoE attacks executed under the effect of Perfect Balance will still add their respective Chakra and Nadi even if the attack misses a target. This includes the actions Arm/Shadow of the Destroyer, Four-point Fury, Rockbreaker, Elixir Field, Flint Strike, and Rising Phoenix.

Additionally, a handful of Samurai actions have extra range, a few Summoner and Dragoon actions got potency boosts, and Scholar‘s Fey Union now has twice the effective range (from 15 yalms to 30 yalms).

We have a full summary of Patch 6.05 Job changes. And for every single detail on FFXIV Patch 6.05 and new Endwalker content, check out the official patch notes on the Lodestone.