Final Fantasy XIV is Officially Has-Its-Own Wine Successful

Have a toast to your 5,000 person server queue.

Folks seem to like this Final Fantasy XIV game, so much so that we’re getting a little extravagant with the whole thing and celebrating with a toast. Apparently, Final Fantasy XIV wine is an actual beverage you can buy from Square Enix. Well, it was a thing, but it sold out almost as soon as it popped up. That’s fine though, as Final Fantasy XIV fans, we’ve all become quite accustomed to waiting.

The bottle of wine is Reaper-flavored, too. Well, it’s actually described as sporting the taste of cherries, dark chocolate, cloves, and roasted figs, but the bottle has the new Reaper job plastered along the front—so it’s Reaper flavored as far as I’m concerned. The collector’s Red is part of a collaboration Square Enix is hosting with Japanese department store chain Isetan, and there’s a whole bunch of other goodies you can indulge in as part of the collection, but the Reaper wine is definitely the coolest bit. Square Enix wants just over $100 for it, which I’m told is not bad for alcohol, but my special occasion go-to comes in an $8 box and tastes just a hair better than shoe polish.

Reaper wine may be out of my budget, but that doesn’t seem to matter for now since it’s no longer available from Isetan. Square Enix says they’ll drop it into their e-shop for another shot at an Endwalker toast on December 24. However, the situation is still a bummer if you’re not a fan living in Japan at the moment, as it seems they’re only offering the coveted drink through the Japanese store. For now, we can at least admire it.

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I’m absolutely fascinated by my new personal low in trying to go from Girl Who Buys A Realm Reborn Collector’s Edition into Girl Who Buys $100 MMO Wine. I reckon bizarre game collaborations aren’t really surprising anymore, but I’d really like to explain to my 2013 self that I’m chasing FFXIV wine around internet auctions in the year of a massive Hydaelyn and Zodiark showdown.

Anyway, depending on your perspective, Endwalker is certainly something to drink to. You could toast to the incredible final chapter on a decade-long saga expertly penned by talent like Natsuko Ishikawa, or you could have a sip after an encounter with Error 2002. Either way, money well spent, but I’ll just have to make do with my in-game bottle of Realm Reborn Red.