FFXIV Community Finally Gets To Glam Ameliance, Does Exactly What You Expected

If you’ve been sticking with your Endwalker Custom Deliveries, your day is at hand.

The day foretold in Final Fantasy XIV legend has come. Announced in a Live Letter long ago, the reward for reaching a certain reputation level in your Endwalker Custom Deliveries was the ability to glamour Ameliance Leveilleur, the mother of the twins Alphinaud and Alisaie. If you were diligent in completing the Ameliance Custom Deliveries since Patch 6.15 dropped, the finish line was yesterday, now christened Ameliance Glam Day.

Reaching max level of reputation with Ameliance allows her to put her trust in you, the Warrior of Light. In fact, the glamour is a request from her within the Custom Deliveries’  storyline.

While we’re on the subject of dress, I would ask a favor of you, but please — not a word of this to anyone. If you happen upon any garments you think may suit me in your travels, I should like to borrow them, if only for a short while. And if they would put Fourchenault to the blush, all the better!” she says when you unlock the ability to glam her.

Some players have just used their new ability to put Ameliance in something more comfortable than the sad nightgown she wears. These are glamours from folks who love and respect mom.

Others have merely tried to upgrade Ameliance’s general style. Giving her outfits that allow her to strut her stuff on the streets of Old Sharlayan. What good is living in that mansion if you’re not putting that money to good fashion use?

Then there are the goofy outfits. These are the players whom you see in raids, dungeons, and Limsa Lominsa Lower Deck with chicken heads, frog heads, and more. Their general oddness has extended to the matriarch of the Leveilleur family.

And finally, at the end of this glamourous journey, we have come to the last circle of Fashion Pandaemonium. Here is where the horny lives. So many players have personal glams that aren’t fit for adventuring, so why not extend them to Ameliance? If the 2B outfit is good enough for me, it’s good enough for her.

Prithee, it is exceedingly well that yon powers shall not be extended to the Scions. There is only darkness and hate overflowing there. Regardless, everyone is having a ton of fun with Ameliance Glam Day, and I’m certain that a number of players are furiously leveling their crafters to reach the same milestone.