Final Fantasy IX Animated Series “Presented For The First Time” at Upcoming Expo

Cyber Group Studios is presenting four new series this week, including the FFIX animation.

It’s been almost a year since Cyber Group Studios announced its Final Fantasy IX animation deal with Square Enix, and now, it looks like an update is on the way.  According to a new interview from Animation Magazine, the Final Fantasy IX series “will be presented for the first time” during an expo this week.

In an interview with Cyber Group Studios’ vice president of international licensing and marketing, Bruno Denzel d’Aumont, Animation Magazine asked what new shows the studio would bring to the event. D’Aumont noted this was a “great opportunity to share our upcoming plans with our[Cyber Group] licensees, agents, and new partners” and that the Final Fantasy IX series would be among the studio’s new shows presented at this week’s Licensing Expo. The event is scheduled for three days this week, May 24 through May 26.

Last year, Cyber Group said its Final Fantasy IX series is aimed at ages 8-13 and will focus on the story and cast we already know.  The expo news doesn’t promise big trailers, an episode release, or whatever it may be our hopes are now set on—so, let’s keep expectations in check. My gut says to expect a poorly snapped photo of a PowerPoint, and the PowerPoint shows Alexandria. If anything, the show’s presentation is at least a confirmation the project lives on.

A Final Fantasy IX remake was also among the titles in Nvidia’s leaked, unannounced game list. Plenty of games from that ordeal wound up real, but that’s no guarantee we get to meet up with a revisited take on Zidane, Vivi, or Princess Garnet in a new game. However, it is the series’ 35th anniversary, and I am desperate for more Final Fantasy VII Remake news—so, perhaps Square Enix will jump in and surprise us.

Regardless, no part of me believes it’s bad just based on the age range or cartoon approach; both sound fine for the RPG. If anything, knowing this isn’t some weird Kingsglaive thing has me hopeful. I’ll remain optimistic, but please be kind to Vivi, Eiko, Mog, and Freya.