Final Fantasy VII Remake’s PlayStation Plus Version Gets Free PS5 Upgrade This Week

Yuffie's DLC also gets a limited holiday discount.

Final Fantasy VII Remake just launched for PC, but Square Enix has more news in way of its PlayStation version. Starting December 22, anyone who redeemed their free copy of the game from PlayStation Plus for PS4 will be able to upgrade to the PS5 version for no charge.

Back in March, Square Enix brought its 2020 banger Final Fantasy VII Remake to PlayStation Plus subscribers for the usual month-long window. The digital PS4 copy was one of March’s free games, but you couldn’t upgrade that version through Sony’s discount PS5 upgrade program. Square Enix is changing that come Wednesday as we can turn our freebies into the prettier, and less weird pop-in texture, version of FF7R. Episode Intermission, the DLC where Yuffie makes her big debut, is also available at a discount for a limited time.

 Final Fantasy VII Remake’s whole upgrade situation confused the hell out of me for a while, but that’s got less to do with Square Enix and more to do with Sony’s messy, complicated back-and-forth over what I can and cannot take to my PS5. Apparently, there are some things I don’t get to upgrade for free, like Spider-Man, and the platform holder often seems just as lost as I do about what to do with my PS4 games. If you need a refresher, Sony once listed off a few cross-gen games that would get free upgrades, then said you’d have to pay $10, and then had an oops-just-kidding moment and explained you’ll only pay $10 for some PS5 upgrades. I reckon the solution is just sweeping cross-compatibility, but here we are.

Anyway, FF7R absolutely rules, and if you remembered to redeem your PlayStation Plus games that month, then you’re in for a treat. I tried it recently and didn’t notice all of the nuisance texture hiccups and strange renders on far-away objects. It’s also got a neat Photo Mode, DualSense support, and way better load times. Also, I got to see Aerith and Tifa again, and that’s as good as reason as any to play.