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Far Cry 6 Gets October Release Date After Gameplay Premiere

Big month for counting down.

Ubisoft has finally premiered the first gameplay footage of Far Cry 6 since its announcement almost a full year ago. Which is honestly mindboggling to me now that I think about it, considering the game would already be out if it launched in its originally announced February release window before being delayed to later this year. But timelines shift when a pandemic’s happening, so we’re seeing the game running for the first time now.

After a 30-minute countdown set to Far Cry 6 art, which is becoming weirdly prominent before game reveals as of late, the presentation began with a trailer framed around an interview of Anton Castillo, the game’s villain played by Breaking Bad actor Giancarlo Esposito, speaking of resistance in the fictional island of Yara, which protagonist Dani Rojas leads. Dani, who can be male or female, recruits more rebels to fight against Castillo, which takes them across the island’s open world. As such, the meat of the video was all the ways Dani can fight their way through it and traverse it with various vehicles.

Check out the trailer below:

In other news:

Far Cry 6 will launch on October 7 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Luna, and Stadia. For more on the game’s portrayal of Latinx characters, check out Nat’s write-up on the subject from last year.

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