Fallout 76 Wastelanders Update Wastes No Time Landing a New Release Date

Well, it has been a few months since the initial delay...

The Fallout 76 Wastelanders update — which adds such novel things as “NPCs” and “quests” to the much maligned multiplayer game — has a new release date. You can now expect to explore irradiated Appalachia with friends or virtual allies on April 7, 2020. Besides a brand-new main quest featuring incursions from outside the territory, the Wastelanders update will also “revamp” the original storyline from Fallout 76 (such as it was). That ought to give even returning players an excuse to check out the beginning of the game all over again.

You can see the gist of it for yourself in a new trailer. The footage shows off the aforementioned speaking NPCs. Some of the seem friendly. Others seem decidedly the opposite of friendly. There are also big, glowing brain monsters and a giant woman with chicken legs for arms. Maybe? Maybe I’m just being judgmental, but they certainly don’t seem very nice. You can see them all and more and make your own decisions with the video below.

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Besides all the new stuff, the other major part of this announcement is that Fallout 76 is coming to a new storefront. Specifically, PC players will be able to purchase and play the game on Steam. Whereas it was previously exclusive to the Bethesda launcher. The press release we received doesn’t specify if PC players who already own the game will be able to migrate their purchase or progress from one platform to another, though. Just be ready in case you have to buy it all over again to play with friends list of choice!

The Fallout 76 Wastelanders update itself will, however, be free to anyone that owns the game already. That’s a nice change of pace from the previous major update to the game: a subscription service.

Once you get into the story itself, there’s a new reputation system based on your dialogue choices. The press release also didn’t specify what this system actually does. But a closer look at the game’s website does specify there will be faction oriented content bundles (available for purchase with real money) for those that want to go the extra mile. These include “The Raider Content Bundle” and “The Settler Content Bundle,” which appear to mostly be cosmetics for your clothes and camps. There is also a bundle of the bundles, allowing you to buy both bundles in a single bundle.

We’ll likely get more details on the missing pieces as time goes on. The above video calls itself “Official Trailer 1,” implying plans for at least one more breakdown of what’s to come. Hopefully that will get into the meat of the matter. For the time being, though, longtime Fallout players should be happy that Bethesda hasn’t completely abandoned the game (or storytelling as a concept). Even after the Wastelanders update was delayed all the way back in October, it seems it’s finally just over the radioactive horizon.

In the meantime, you can always make your own fun in the game’s player-run nude fight club.


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