No, Fall Guys Isn’t Coming to Xbox Game Pass

There are "no plans" for the battle royale to be added to the service.

For a brief moment, it appeared that Fall Guys would be coming to Xbox Game Pass. This tease came from the official Game Pass Instagram account, which responded to an inquiring fan asking for the game to be added to the service with a seemingly unambiguous “it’s coming.”

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However, it seems there was a mixup, and there are no such plans to bring Mediatonic’s battle royale/platformer/obnoxious obstacle course game to be added to the Xbox Game Pass catalog, which would allow any subscribers to freely download the game. Not right now, at least. Both publisher Devolver Digital and the official Fall Guys Twitter accounts have gone on to put this particular fire out on social media,

Notably, Fall Guys has yet to come to Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S consoles, so if it had been coming to Game Pass it would’ve been for the PC version of the service. But it looks like that’s not in the cards at the moment. Why would it need to? The game has been wildly successful since its launched on PC and PlayStation 4 back in August. As of last month, the game has sold over eleven million copies on PC, according to Mediatonic. PlayStation 4 copies sold is a little trickier, as the game debuted as a free PlayStation Plus title when it was released in August, meaning millions of people gained access to the game without having to purchase it outright. However, a fair amount of those players are probably taking part in the game’s microtransaction economy, so even though millions of copies weren’t sold outright, Mediatonic is still likely seeing some cash flow coming from those players.

In other news:

While Fall Guys might not be coming to Xbox Game Pass any time soon, the service is getting a pretty impressive line of additions for the month of January, including three Yakuza games through the Yakuza Remastered Collection, which brings Yakuza 3, 4, and 5 to Xbox One and PC.

Fall Guys is in the middle of its third season of content, which includes winter-themed cosmetic items, and a handful of new modes, all of which started rolling out back in December. For more on Mediatonic’s battle royale hit, check out our feature on the soundtrack that sets the tone for the game’s chaos.


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