Fall Guys Silently Rolled Out Cheat Detection to Put Cheaters on a Different Server

In memoriam: Cheater Island

As most online games do, Fall Guys has been having its own troubles with cheaters using hacks and other nonsense to get ahead in developer Mediatonic’s battle royale party game. The studio had cheat detection built into the game when it launched last month, but hadn’t been using it to ban players like other online games like Overwatch, but instead was using the data to start crafting a special server for cheaters to only be able to play against each other. However, it sounds like it didn’t go exactly as intended.

In a lengthy thread on the game’s Twitter account, Mediatonic explained the rise and fall of what it called “Cheater Island,” a special server where, in theory, all the cheaters of Fall Guys would funnel into whenever they tried to queue up for a game. It started with the aforementioned cheating detection software, which has been present in the game since it launched. After some testing and ensuring that it actually worked and wouldn’t flag players who were just trying to fall like good fall guys do, the cheater-specific server was launched without a word from the developers. At first, no games were actually being played on Cheater Island because there wasn’t a high enough pool of players to match make for that server. As thresholds on cheat detection were lowered, Cheater Island became more populated, but not before some early adopters of poor sportsmanship would start queueing for games but just…never finding one.

Eventually, some cheaters found workarounds like grouping up with non-cheating friends to match make on the standard servers, which was addressed with a patch. Some were also using family-sharing to play the game with another account, which was also patched out to keep cheaters away from honest guys who are falling.

In other news:

According to the tweets, after a month of cheaters falling forever and unable to find matches, Cheater Island started getting full matches last week. But given just how huge Fall Guys has become, it’s not really a surprise that footage of a game full of cheaters has been circulating around the internet, and has, as Mediatonic puts it, made the game “look bad.”

As such, Cheater Island is no more, and Fall Guys will begin using Epic’s Anti-Cheat in a future update. Now cheaters will just not be able to login to Fall Guys at all for the foreseeable future. Which is probably for the best. As delightful of an idea as a server for cheaters to cheat together in what was basically an elaborate prank by the developers is, maybe it’s just easier on everyone if people who are making the game less fun for others can’t play in the first place?

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