Everything From Today’s PlayStation Third-Party State of Play

In the years since PlayStation largely stopped doing in-person presentations — both as a consequence of the global pandemic and simply a seeming desire to back away from the show floor — the company has increased the number of its digital presentations to slowly compensate. As such, just a little while after the last big PlayStation event, we have a largely third-party-focused show today to show off new games.

If you missed the show because, well, these are normal business hours or you just didn’t get a chance to catch it, we have everything you need to know summarized below.

  • The show begins with a gameshow-style trailer for Deathverse, from GungHo games. It is a sequel to Let it Die from Grasshopper Manufacture, developed by Supertrick, which formerly was Grasshopper Manufacture under GungHo.

  • We’re following it up with a trailer for a comedic narrative game We Are OFK about a real-life band OFK. It’s a biographical game of sorts about how the band came together as a five-episode series coming in 2022.

  • Bugsnax returns with a new expansion update titled The Isle of Bigsnax featuring new and giant bugsnax and familiar returning characters. You can make and decorate your own hut in the village. Also, the bugsnax have hats now. Coming in 2022 for free.

  • The oft-teased Five Nights at Freddy’s game, Security Breach, that has been at PlayStation shows before gets yet another trailer. Unlike other games, this is a free-movement 3D title in the Five Nights world. It’s releasing on December 16.

  • Kartrider Drift, a cute kart game which doesn’t feature Mega Man even though it really, really looks like Mega Man, gets shown off. It looks like, go figure, a kart game with heavy emphasis on drifting. The free-to-play racer is coming in 2022.

  • The new King of Fighters XIV trailer reveals Dolores and also announces a beta for PS4 and PS5 for mid-November.

  • An online social deduction game, First Class Trouble, is about tricking your other players until you get the chance to kill them. It seems similar to the PC game Velvet Sundown. It is coming to PS4 and PS5 on November 2, launching on PS+.

  • From Square Enix and Tri-Ace, a new Star Ocean game titled The Divine Force is revealed for the first time. Some of the player characters crash-land on a picturesque planet with heavy open-world vibes and the ability to fly around. Coming in 2022.

  • Little Devil Inside, which was revealed at last year’s PlayStation 5 reveal event, is shown for the first time since with a new trailer. The sleepy little trailer shows a play-mobil-style overworld and sidequests. The full thing expounds a lot more on what the game is like, but is a bit of an odd temperature finish for the show.


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