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Everything Announced at Sony's Final State of Play for 2019

That's not Sly Cooper 5, Sony.

Sony held its final State of Play presentation for the year today, and with it came some announcements of new games coming next year and also just some confirmation of things leaks already told us about. If you missed the show, here’s a rundown of everything that was announced:

  • Untitled Goose Game is coming to PlayStation 4 next week on December 17, after originally only being available on Mac, PC, and Nintendo Switch.
  • Proletariat’s Spellbreak, a fantasy battle royale game, will have a closed beta on PlayStation 4 in 2020.
  • Media Molecule showed off a ton of games created in Dreams and announced the game creation suite will officially launch on February 14 after the conclusion of its closed beta.
  • Superliminal is coming to PlayStation 4 in 2020.
  • Paperbeast, which looks like a VR spin on the Pokemon Sword and Shield camps where you can play with your Pokemon, is coming to PlayStation VR in Q1 of next year.
  • In one of the first State of Play announcements to have been revealed earlier than it was meant to, Square-Enix revealed Kingdom Hearts III’s “Re:Mind” DLC trailer that leaked last week. Oh, and that DLC is kinda pricey:

  • Predator Hunting Grounds is launching on PlayStation 4 on April 24.
  • Square-Enix and Platinum Games revealed a new game called Babylon’s Fall, and more information will be coming next summer.
  • Capcom revealed a trailer for the campaign portion of the Resident Evil spin-off Project Resistance. And guess what? It’s the Resident Evil 3 remake that leaked earlier this month. It will launch on April 3.
  • To close out State of Play, former PlayStation big wig Ken Kutaragi had a video message for fans, developers, and media for being there through 25 years of the PlayStation brand.
  • But then in classic Sony fashion, the show had a “oh, and one more thing” moment to show more of Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima. It was just a short cutscene, but the full thing will be shown at The Game Awards later this week.

If you want to see all the trailers in one place, here’s the full archived stream:

Overall, it was a decent showing, even if a few of the bigger announcements leaked ahead of the actual State of Play stream. No word on some of the other big games Sony has in the pipeline like The Last of Us: Part II, but given that Naughty Dog recently delayed the sequel by about three months only a few weeks after announcing a release date, it’s natural they’d want to stay quiet.

But that’s presumably the last we’ll be hear from Sony until the new year, and also possibly one of the last times the PlayStation 4 is the major focus of the company’s State of Play streams. With the PlayStation 5 coming next holiday season, Sony will no doubt be coming in to 2020 ready to show off the new console and the games that showcase the power upgrade between it and the PS4. If history repeats itself, Sony might even bring some of the later games of the PS4’s lifetime to the PS5 with a fresh coat of next-gen paint, but since the system will be backwards compatible, the demand for these kinds of remasters might not be as high as they were at the beginning of the PS4’s life.

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