Even Hideo Kojima Agrees that Death Stranding: Director’s Cut is a Dumb Name

Words mean things.

A few months ago at the Summer Games Fest, director Hideo Kojima revealed a PlayStation 5 version of Death Stranding, titled Death Stranding: Director’s Cut. It was not until this past week’s State of Play that we got a chance to see what this actually entailed — namely, new content like track-building, a robot-buddy, improved melee fighting, and more. These additions, while certainly welcome, definitely make the addendum of “Director’s Cut” odd.

In film parlance, a director’s cut is usually a different edit of the film or show that more closely aligns with the director’s original vision. This traditionally means using existing footage and things that ended up on the cutting room floor to present everything from small changes to entirely different ideas, with such famous (or infamous) examples as Blade Runner. In recent years, this idea has expanded to include major reshoots and new scripts and multiple millions of dollars, which has kind of muddied the definition a bit.

Hideo Kojima, for his part, seems to be a bit more of a traditionalist with the phrasing. On Twitter, the Metal Gear creator confessed that he didn’t really like slapping “Director’s Cut” onto the PlayStation 5 version of Death Stranding since it’s not really a cut.

Death Stranding is not the only title to receive the “Director’s Cut” subtitle, as the Ghost of Tsushima expansion is also getting it appended to its overall package. This might indicate that the titling is more of a Sony branding decision than an actual description of the product.

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut releases on PlayStation 5 on September 24. If you own the game on PS4, you can upgrade for a $10 fee and import your save to the new version as well.