Epic is Suing a Tester Who Leaked Fortnite Chapter 2 Details

Spoil the black hole and get served

Epic Games is suing the streamer that leaked Fortnite: Chapter 2 ahead of its…let’s call it theatrical unveiling.

For those not in the know, two weeks ago Fortnite as we knew it went into a black hole and all of the game’s social media went dark for about two days. The intent was to make the public think Fortnite was done. The world lost its collective mind and it even caught the attention of people outside the industry like Lady Gaga.

This was all a marketing campaign to lead into Chapter 2, which brought a ton of updates like a new map and in-game events. But despite the undertaking Epic went through to make this happen, it had actually leaked days prior thanks to some store listings, but also allegedly a user experience tester named Ronald Sykes.

Epic’s lawsuit (thanks Polygon) alleges Sykes broke an NDA “by leaking Epic’s secrets and spoiling the suspense that Epic had been working to generate and build for months in the run up to Fortnite Chapter 2.” Epic even claimed that by leaking this information Sykes jeopardized the company’s financials as well, saying “leaks negatively impact the financial performance of current and future versions of the game. They tend to lessen the excitement and enthusiasm of a game’s players and audience, potentially leading them to move to other games.” 

Sykes posted on Twitter (his account, @invisiblellama9, has since been deleted) that he’d played Fortnite’s (then unannounced) 11th season, then proceeded to detail new features and post images of the updated map.

You can read the whole lawsuit here:

Epic Games leaker lawsuit by Polygondotcom on Scribd

This is the latest in a series of legal issues surrounding Epic Games and Fortnite, as the company is also being sued by a Montreal law firm for the game’s “addictive” qualities.