Empyrean, the Ship-to-Ship Combat Expansion for Warframe, Is Out Now

PC players can fly off now, while console owners can get ready for the next update.

Warframe: Empyrean is the latest and arguably one of the biggest expansions in the game to date. It features the new Railjack system: essentially a new mode that lets you build your own spaceship and take to the stars in this free-to-play third-person shooter. It’s also available now, at least on PC, as announced at The Game Awards tonight. Anyone that has pre-built their own Railjack can gather a crew and join in the Sea of Thieves-like cooperative fun as soon as you read this!

The surprise announcement coincides with news that console players can start getting ready, too. Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch players can download the Rising Tide update now. This system lays the groundwork for Empyrean by letting anyone with their own in-game Dojo construct a Dry Dock. From there, you can begin work on building a Railjack so you’re ready for the eventually release of Empyrean on consoles.

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Railjack Warframe Empyrean

Unfortunately, there’s still no word on when that might be for non-PC players. Digital Extremes Creative Director Steve Sinclair did hint at cross save (which is not to say crossplay) coming to Warframe sometime in the future. That would seem to imply the PC and console versions will reach development parity at the same time. But we have no further details at this time, and for now the different versions of the game still get staggered content updates.

In the meantime, though, at least PC players can check out the new stuff! The expansion lets up to four friends team up on a single ship — taking on loose roles as gunners, tacticians, infiltrators, engineers, and defenders. Once you’re in space, you can fly the Railjack and complete randomly generated missions across the in-game solar system. Anyone not flying can launch themselves into space via Warframe‘s jetpack equivalent (the Archwing) and board enemy vessels. From there, you can sabotage the lesser ships from within, or commandeer them temporarily.

It’s Like Sea of Thieves… in Space!

Players must also operate side guns and repel their own invaders. Enemy Grineer (the only enemy faction available in Empyrean at launch) will attempt to destroy your Railjack from within. So it helps to have some players on guard duty, slicing up baddies and using in-game fire extinguishers to manage hull breaches.

Empyrean is available for free, like every Warframe update, to all players. However, Digital Extremes cautions that some of the content will be quite difficult for newcomers. Trying to board enemy ships will mean fighting through endgame level foot soldiers. Whereas using features like side guns will be a way to contribute even if you’re not the most powerful ‘frame in the bunch. You can also practice flying your Railjack first in a non-combat zone that unlocks as soon as you install the update.

If you want to check out Empyrean, you can join a Clan and get yourself a Railjack tonight! You can also match into other players’ crews, but it might be better to get a bit of experience under your belt, before asking other people to rely on your skills.