EA Silos Star Wars with Respawn as Three New Games are Announced

The Titanfall developer pivots to Star Wars for the near future.

It’s been a weird, wild ride for Respawn Entertainment, developers of Titanfall and Jedi Fallen Order. The studio has gone from leaving Activision and Infinity Ward to creating the centerpiece of the Xbox One launch window to now having a 10-million selling Star Wars title and a strong free-to-play battle royale under their belts, among many other projects. After Electronic Arts acquired the studio in 2017, Respawn has quickly become the company’s new golden child, and nothing exemplifies that better than today’s announcement that they have three more Star Wars games in development.

Announced with a blog post, Respawn is working on a follow up to Jedi Fallen Order, which has been an open secret for some time. In addition to that, though, Respawn is also working on a new first-person shooter set in the Star Wars universe as well as a collaboration with BitReactor, a newly-announced strategy game studio made of former XCOM developers from Firaxis.

With the exception of the Jedi Fallen Order sequel, these games are likely far, far away from release and are incredibly nascent. The early announcement, as well as just being part of EA’s general strategy of openly talking about games in development, is meant to gather interest for recruiting for these games. As large as Respawn is, it’s probably not quite big enough for 3-4 AAA games in simultaneous development. We can probably expect to see these games mid- to late-generation.

That would likely make these games the first Star Wars titles produced by EA outside of their ten-year console-but-not-counting-VR-and-also-not-LEGO exclusivity deal with Disney and Lucasfilm. In that time, Electronic Arts has produced just four major games: Star Wars Battlefront I and IIJedi Fallen Order, and Squadrons. They have seemingly cancelled more Star Wars games than they have released. In the ninth year of their deal, EA is apparently just firing off announcements of everything in production amidst Star Wars announcements from Ubisoft and Quantic Dream, a fairly classic move from the Redwood company.

This is, however, also classic EA in that they tend to pile projects on to one developer that has been getting positive press. It’s a little difficult not to worry that EA is funneling Respawn down the same path they took BioWare, where they put so much focus on the brand name of the developer that they lose sight of what made them great in the first place. Maybe that’s avoided this time with Zampella on EA’s board, but we’ll have to wait and see for either result.