EA Play is Getting Bundled with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in November

The Xbox X/S' library is expanding-anding-anding.

Microsoft and EA have announced that EA Play, the latter company’s subscription service to play large swaths of its catalog for a monthly fee, will be joining Xbox Game Pass as an accessible service for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers on November 10.

This is the same day as the launch of the Xbox Series X/S, which means Xbox Game Pass is hitting the ground running in filling out its already hefty library. While this will coincide with the launch of the new console, the plan is for this deal to be the case for all systems that use Xbox Game Pass, including Xbox One and PC, as well. However, according to a post on the Xbox Wire, the deal won’t be available for PC Game Pass subscribers until sometime in December. EA Play gives you access to over 200 games from EA’s catalog, and this is on top of the already 100 or so games that you’ll be able to freely play through Xbox Game Pass. Some of these games (but not all, as prefaced by the Xbox Wire post), will be playable on Android devices through use of the xCloud streaming service Microsoft launched earlier this month.

In other news:

Looking over the list of games currently available on EA Play, there are some pretty nice gets here for anyone who hasn’t been able to buy EA’s games at full price but might be willing to try them on a subscription service. Especially on the Xbox side of things, as the Xbox One and Series X/S are backwards compatible with the Xbox 360 and original Xbox, giving it a larger library than the PlayStation 4. This includes some pretty big franchises like Dead Space, much of the company’s sports games, and even Bioware’s recent games like the entire Dragon Age and Mass Effect series. Using EA Play is probably the easiest way to play the latter, as there’s still no official word on those long-rumored remasters, and from the sound of it, there’s not going to be any word on them any time soon.

The inclusion of services that bolster the system’s library are a pretty good selling point for the Xbox Series X/S, which was down a major marquee title with the delay of Halo Infinite. Doesn’t hurt that the Xbox Series S is going to be the cheapest next-gen console on the market in November, either. The system won’t be as powerful as the Xbox Series X, but at $299, it will be about $200 cheaper than the $499 alternative. The PlayStation 5 will be launching two days after the Xbox Series X/S, and will be coming out with both a disc drive model that will cost $499, as well as a digital-only one that will run you $399 if you’re not feeling like keeping the physical game collection going this time around.