DrinkBox Studios’ Nobody Saves the World is a Shapeshifting Action RPG

From the developers behind Guacamelee and Severed.

DrinkBox Studios, the developers behind Guacamelee, its sequel, and Severed, has revealed its next project: Nobody Saves the World.

News of this came during today’s ID @ Xbox showcase spotlighting independent games coming to the platform, and it will be coming to PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, and will also be available to Game Pass subscribers upon release.

Nobody Saves the World stars a character named Nobody, who is able to transform into different forms by way of a magic wand. Including, but not limited to: a rat, a horse, a slug, and a mermaid. Mixed in with all of these various forms are more standard RPG classes, such as a bow-wielding Ranger or a spellcasting Magician. All these forms will help you clear through dungeons, solve puzzles, and complete quests.

Check out the first trailer below:

In other news:

Notably, this will be the first game from DrinkBox to not come to PlayStation platforms at launch. Severed was an early PlayStation Vita exclusive at launch, but was eventually ported to several other systems that feature a touchscreen, such as iOS, 3DS and Wii U. Huh, looking at that list, a Switch port would be nice. Especially with the Vita version about to become much more scarce when Sony shuts down the device’s online store.