Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Stream Simulcast in English for the First Time

It's a major sign of widening international appeal for the series.

You know the Dragon Quest myths about its popularity in Japan at this point. For example, there’s the wildly inaccurate one about how the Japanese government banned the series from releasing new titles, which isn’t really true but I’m sure Square Enix enjoys fans perpetuating. It is and always has been a series that prioritizes Japan first, but if the announcement of the Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary livestream is any indication, that may be changing.

The livestream, which airs on May 26 at 8:30 PM Pacific, has been announced to show the future of the Dragon Quest series. That likely means at least some new spinoffs and maybe some focus on the anime, but very possibly also means an announcement of Dragon Quest XII. The last mainline game was announced in 2015, before the Nintendo Switch even had a name and was simply known as the NX, and was released on PS4 and 3DS two years later. A Dragon Quest announced this month could follow a very similar timeline.

Most interestingly, however, is that the livestream will also be in English. This has never been the case before, as Dragon Quest reveal events are traditionally Japan-only affairs conducted in Japanese. That they’re encouraging western viewers implies several things about not just the event but also Dragon Quest’s place in the international market. Seems unlikely that they would go that far for some small reveals, especially if they want the world to see it.

It might just be wishful thinking, but we’ll know for sure in two weeks when the event airs.