Dragalia Lost’s First Anniversary Update Brings Free Stuff, Mega Man Event and More

Reading this post does not count as logging in.

Dragalia Lost‘s first anniversary is right around the corner, and Nintendo is blowing the doors off the barn with what might be the single largest celebratory event I’ve ever seen for a mobile gacha game. The enormity of the event was outlined in the wee hours of this morning in a new Dragalia Digest video, which has been embedded below for your convenience.

Nintendo crams a lot of announcements into the video’s 15 minute run time, but the cliff notes version is that there’s a buck wild amount of login bonuses; up to 100 free summons during the event; a bunch of quality of life improvements; new events and showcases; and even a dang Mega Man collab in the works.

The login bonus promotion starts at 11 p.m. Pacific on Sept. 26 and runs through 10:59 p.m. Pacific on November 1. There are 10 days worth of bonuses to acquire, starting with 5,000 Wyrmite on day one and and ending with a Sunglight Stone on day 10. Meanwhile, players can also summon 10 times a day for free, up to 100 times in total, between 11 p.m. Pacific on Sept. 26 and 10:59 p.m. Pacific on October 6. There will be additional daily tenfold weekend summoning events between October 11 and 13, as well as October 18 and 20, so that’s another 60 free summons right there.

Another Gala Dragalia also begins on Sept. 26, with the headliner being a five-star Gala version of the Prince. Standouts from Gala Prince’s ability pool include Rising Circlet, which deals AoE damage while also creating a zone that empowers allies by 20 percent for 10 seconds, and Exalted Glory, which paralyses and damages enemies, while also boosting team strength and defense by 15 percent for 15 seconds. It also grants a one-off shield to all teammates that nullifies an attack equaling less than 20 percent of the wearer’s maximum HP.

On the gameplay side of things, players will now be able to spend Otherworld Gems to participate in EX Raids at any time. A new raid difficulty level, “Omega,” has also been introduced. To access, players must first obtain three Omega Keys by collecting the appropriate emblems in Nightmare Raids. Once the Nightmare version of a raid has been successfully completed with all three keys, the Omega version will become available. Players also receive a new kind of buff when completing raid quests, aptly called Raid Boosts. These effects can apply group-wide bonuses to strength and HP, among other effects.

Tonight’s new update also introduces a handful of welcome quality of life improvements. You can now change your background music on the home page, which I’m sure longtime players will appreciate, and there’s a new song available during the anniversary to inaugurate the feature. Cygames is also introducing two new items, the Hustle Hammer and Honey Tea, which allow players to immediate finish construction on a facility, and to restore stamina while on Castle Grounds, respectively. As an added bonus, new players can enjoy reduced construction/facility leveling times for 30 days, provided that they clear through Chapter 4-6 and complete the Castle Grounds and Dragon’s Roost tutorials after the event starts on Sept. 26.

Director Yuji Okada closed out the presentation with a huge info dump covering the future of Dragalia Lost. First up, Advanced Dragon Trials will get Expert and Master difficulty levels at some point in October, which will drop materials used to craft a new slew of high dragon weapons. These new weapons each have two tiers, both of which are stronger than the current arsenal of five star weapons. Expert-level Advanced Dragon Trials will be available at all times, but Master-level trials will swap in and out on a weekly rotation for all the different elements.

Okada also outlined a new, sixth tier of mana circle that some adventurers will be able to unbind, though he does not detail which. He also teased a new group of bosses “that are more difficult than the High Dragons” — both new features will be implemented sometime this year. And speaking of things that happen this year, Chapter 11 of Dragalia Lost’s story mode arrives in December, with a new chapter to follow every two months afterwards. Okada said that new “story segments” will be added during the off months, in order to “add some depth to the main campaign.”

Finally, Mega Man comes to the world of Draglia Lost sometime this winter, as part of a collaboration even called Mega Man: Chaos Protocol. Actual details about the event can be expected in Okada’s “This Month in Dragalia Lost” missive scheduled for October 1.