Dr. Mario Losing Medical License to Practice on Phones

The puzzle spin-off's mobile iteration is disappearing in November.

Nintendo has announced that Dr. Mario World, the mobile iteration of the Super Mario puzzle game spin-off, is shutting down after just over two years online.

The process will begin today, July 28, as players will no longer be able to buy the in-game diamond currency. The game itself will remain online until November 1, when the game will become completely unplayable. Anyone that has Dr. Mario World still installed on their device will be greeted with an end-of-service notification, but will still be unable to play the game regardless. The only trace that you played the game will be in the form of a web page called “Dr. Mario World memories,” which will let players look back at their play history.

More information about the gradual shutdown of Dr. Mario World will be found in in-game notices between now and November 1.

In other news:

Dr. Mario World is the latest victim of online games being wiped from the face of the earth when their servers are taken down. In general, preservation is not high on a lot of company’s priority lists, and this becomes even more complicated with online games that have servers that need to be maintained, as those shutdowns mean the games themselves are often rendered unplayable by any means. A lot of this was brought to the forefront of people’s minds when Sony was planning to shut down the digital storefronts for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, however, the company backtracked and is keeping those stores open for the foreseeable future. But that’s still likely a temporary arrangement, and the question of what will happen to those games in a few years still remains.