Dontnod Seemingly Done With Life is Strange

The company does not appear to be coming back to the series in the future.

Dontnod, French developers of games like Life is StrangeTell Me Why, and Remember Me, recently made waves for something they’re not developing: The upcoming Life is Strange: True Colors. Despite making the first two games, Dontnod is conspicuously absent from the third, as the developers of the intercedent Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Deck-Nine, is taking over. This seems to indicate a complete split with the series, as Dontnot moves on from Life is Strange completely.

“Never say never,” CEO Oskar Guilbert told IGN in a new interview. “But for the moment it’s not our strategy, yeah. We want to create our own IPs. That’s what we want to do.”

Life is Strange is owned completely by Square Enix, which is empowered to make pretty much every decision about the game series, including who develops new games. It’s not clear if Dontnod chose to move on from the series or Square Enix did, but it does not appear that the developer of the first two games has any plans to come back.

[Source: IGN]