The Division 2 Will Be Free This Weekend, With Full Edition Discounted

With this free weekend comes likely the steepest discounts we've seen on the game so far.

Have you been itching to try The Division 2 since its release? Curious about how different the game is from its first iteration, The Division? Or do you just want to see what Washington D.C. looks like in Ubisoft’s eyes? Whatever the case, The Division 2’s free weekend is probably the right time to try.

This weekend, The Division 2 will be available to try out entirely for free. And apparently, it’s the entire game. In other words, if you can really get to the DLC sections as soon as possible, those are fair game too. The freebies start on October 17th, but you can start downloading the game now if you’re going to try the PC edition. (If you’re planning on playing on console, you gotta wait until the servers are open for you, unfortunately.)

It’s an interesting date for a release, given literally just yesterday, they released a new free expansion. This new mission takes place in the Pentagon, so you can bet it’s pretty intense. It’s a mix of the usual “a-hole evil militia” and “what if drones, but bad,” and we’re pretty sure the latter is an episode of Black Mirror.

Our own editor Steven Strom already dove into the new mission, and their verdict is: it’s hard. Exciting if you have the Season 1 Tactician  class, but pretty damn hard. Don’t tread lightly, and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Whatever you end up doing, if you enjoy your trek into Washington, D.C. enough, Ubisoft is trying to lure you in for the long run. They promise, for this event, that prices will drop “up to 70% off.”

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Plan on diving in? Knowledge is your best weapon:

We don’t actually know the precise discounts right now, but it’ll likely scale based on the edition. Regardless, appears to be the steepest drop of price for the game so far. The last time it went on sale, it was without the free weekend, with only up to 40% off. However, if you’re interested, this also included upgraded editions of the game.

Given this track record, this means you can probably get the game and a season pass for a nice steal. The Gold Edition comes with a year-one season pass and some in-game cosmetic goodies (and three days’ worth of early gameplay, which is irrelevant now). There are also a few more goodies in the Ultimate edition, but in terms of general content, it’s mostly the same.

The floodgates open first for UPlay players at 6 AM UTC, which is 11 PM PDT (the night before, technically). Console players can join two hours later, at 8 AM UTC (1AM PDT). Epic Store users are in at 3 PM UTC (8 AM PDT).

Again, if you’re a PC player, you can visit the website now to download the game now on your platform of choice, in order to be prepared for when the servers open. However, if you’re a console player, pre-loading starts exactly when the servers open.

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