Sony and Discord Announce Partnership to Bring Better Communication to PlayStation

The changes will arrive next year.

Sony and Discord are partnering up to bring PlayStation Network and the communication app together in some way.

In a post on SIE’s website, President Jim Ryan explained the partnership will “bring the Discord and PlayStation experiences closer together on console and mobile,” and “friends, groups, and communities to hang out, have fun, and communicate more easily while playing games together.” While it’s not exactly clear what this will entail, Ryan says the collaboration will bear fruit “early next year.” Having gotten more acquainted with Discord over the past year during quarantine, I can definitely say its voice chat and communication tools are far superior to anything PlayStation has built in natively to their devices. So it’s largely been the alternative I’ve used with friends to play multiplayer games as opposed to PlayStation’s voice chat. If this means that Sony will be integrating Discord into PlayStation Network for better voice chat, that’s an exciting prospect.

In other news:

PlayStation is one of several services in games that hasn’t had some kind of Discord integration as of yet. As of this writing, you can link your Xbox Live, Steam, Twitch, and accounts to the service. Which makes it easy to connect with others to play games through the service. And it also lets you see what your friends are playing and how long they’ve been playing it that session. So maybe soon everyone will be able to see me playing Overwatch for several hundred hours from the comfort of their Discord app. Whether that be from a desktop or on their mobile devices. They can already see I’m listening to Sonic the Hedgehog music as I write this because I have my Spotify account linked to it, so what’s another avenue for my friends to see my shame?


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