Diablo 4 Leaked By German Magazine Via Its Own Advertisements

An ad for the upcoming The Art Of Diablo book reads that it will feature art from "Diablo IV."

Have you ever been straight-up handed a scoop too good to pass by? That’s the deal German gaming magazine GameStar has run into with a leak of their own. Specifically, they’ve gotten an indication that Diablo 4 is on its way.

The latest copy of GameStar features an advertisement for the upcoming book The Art Of Diablo, which features highlights of concepts, key art and more throughout the franchise. However, if the ad is to be believed, there’s also going to be art from the not-officially-announced-yet Diablo IV.

Of course, being a games reporting magazine, they reported on this new “leak” handed to them. The copy of the ad officially reads as follows:

 “Mit über 500 Artworks aus Diablo, Diablo II, Diablo III und Diablo IV präsentiert dieses Buch zahlreiche bemerkenswerte Kunstwerke, die für das ikonische Action-Rollenspiel von Blizzard Entertainment kreiert wurden, das Generationen von Fans ewig währende Albträume beschert hat. “

Even if you don’t read German, unmistakably, you can see the words “Diablo IV” in there.

There are also images of the advertisement now that the magazine is out:

“Ups,” says the dek for their article. That’s to say: “Oops.”

If you happen to live in Germany, they’ve outlined exactly where you can find it: in their new edition, page 27. (Don’t forget to support all forms of games journalism!)

There’s a little bit of precedent to these details coming out. The next major title in Blizzard’s renowned series has been hotly anticipated for a while, especially as Diablo III was released back in 2012. (That’s already seven years!) Rumors have swirled about the development of the game.

More Blizzard:

According to a feature by Kotaku, Blizzard has been working on the next major Diablo project since 2016. Le Monde also reports that Blizzard Paris employees were shown an early version of the game earlier this year. Now, we have some kind of possible proof that it’s not just a massive legend.

Many are anticipating the next title to be officially announced at Blizzcon. A streamer named Metro has already claimed before this new leak that the Diablo IV announcement and one for Overwatch 2 will be made at the annual superfan event. He claims the source is the same as the one who reliably leaked Ashe’s announcement in Overwatch.

We’ll see if all this comes into fruition November 1 to 3, when Blizzcon takes place in Anaheim, California. If you’re eager about the book, too, that’s out on November 3, the last day of Blizzcon. You can pre-order it on Amazon or other bookstores.

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