Deltarune Chapter 2 Releases September 17

Toby Fox's anticipated follow-up to Undertale gets its latest episode very soon.

On the 6th anniversary of Undertale, the indie RPG from developer Toby Fox that influenced the industry in big and small ways rippling through the last half-decade, Fox held a livestream playing through the first chapter of the follow-up, Deltarune. After releasing that first chapter as a demo in 2018, Fox has admitted that the full production requires a team to develop it and a persistent wrist injury is massively slowing down his work on the game.

For a long time, it seemed like Deltarune’s remaining chapters would be years off, if they ever come out at all. Today’s livestream put at least some of those worries to bed.

At the end of the stream, the game gave Fox — represented in public by a tiny pixelated dog — an option to continue playing Chapter 1 or to continue to Chapter 2. The stream then finished with an unexpected announcement: that Chapter 2 would release in just two days, on September 17.

It’s not clear if, like the first chapter, this new addition is also free to download, but it’s hard to imagine Undertale/Deltarune fans would be put off by any price. While Deltarune Chapter 1 is available on PS4, Xbox, Switch, and PC, it premiered on PC first. That early PC lead time also seems to be the case here, but not enough is known to say for sure.


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