Death Stranding: Timefall Dropped CHVRCHES’s Track And The Full Track List

According to Apple, we have a full track list, featuring some pretty big artists.

The release of Hideo Kojima’s game Death Stranding is coming more quickly than ever. Being a man in love with a ton of media, from movies to music and (of course) gaming, he’s making it as much of an event as possible, with a whole Death Stranding-inspired album.

It started early this morning with the release of “Death Stranding” by CHVRCHES, an alt-rock/pop band. And, it appears, we also have an idea of everyone who’s going to be on the album, thanks to Apple Music’s habit of leaking entire albums at once through the “unavailable” option.

But first: CHVRCHES’s “Death Stranding” song. The song will be featured on the Death Stranding: Timefall companion soundtrack, which features hits “inspired by the world of Death Stranding.” (Think of it like The Hunger Games’s companion “soundtrack,” including Taylor Swift, who was absolutely not in The Hunger Games).

While the song itself feels dark, it also infuses a bit of passion and hope. The chorus goes:

You can take my heart
And hold it together as we fall apart
Maybe together we can make a spark in the stars we embark
And keep us together as the lights go dark

It’s a bit of a dream for the alt-pop dream. In fact, in 2018, they admitted that while a “secret project” of theirs wasn’t for Death Stranding, they were fans of Hideo Kojima and spoke to him before.

“It’s not Death Stranding but I really wish it was”, member Martin Doherty said to NME.  “In fact, Hideo Kojima call [sic] me. We’re massive Metal Gear Solid fans and the guy’s a god. He’s an icon in the video games industry.” It looks like they literally spoke it to life!

Kojima has also shared that this will be an “ending song” for the game, playing during the final credits. It’s clearly an emotional and climactic collaboration for the director, who seems to be a pretty big fan of CHVRCHES and all things alt-pop. He says in the tweet, “You’ll find out the true value of my strand with them [CHVRCHES] in the game.”

More Death Stranding:

That’s available to listen to now through most major streaming services (except Pandora, which always gets left out despite having an on-demand Premium option).

CHVRCHES will be in pretty good company on this album. The full tracklist for the Death Stranding album has been leaked through Apple Music. It’s as follows:

  1. Trigger — Major Lazer & Khalid
  2. Ghost — Au/Ra & Alan Walker
  3. Death Stranding — CHVRCHES
  4. Yellow Box — The Neighbourhood
  5. Meanwhile… In Genova — THE S.L.P.
  6. Ludens — Bring Me The Horizon
  7. Born In the Slumber — flora cash
  8. Sing To Me — MISSIO

Most of the artists are considered pretty “dark” or “mellow,” though the Major Lazer pick stands out. But all are very well-respected artists in their respective genres. And all are very, very “alternative.”(Personally, as an electronic music fan, I’m definitely feeling the MISSIO and Alan Walker picks here.)

The album will come out November 8th. According to an official PlayStation FAQ, it’ll be available through select collector’s editions, as well as through traditional means. Those who acquire it through collector’s editions will have a DRM-free version.


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