Dauntless ARG Brings Back Old Cultists’ Tricks Before Halloween

The cultists that gave us the Riftstalker have returned for more cryptic shenanigans.

It’s the season for spooky things, and Dauntless is no exception. They’ve already started introducing a few new spooky things to kick off the season, including making players wander Ramsgate, the central player hub, in the nighttime. However, one new inclusion piqued the curiosity of players, and players are chasing clues of an alternate reality game.

Introduced in last year’s Halloween event, the Unseen are a group of cultists “with roots dating back to the Upheaval,” according to this year’s Halloween blog. They’re directly responsible for the Riftstalker Behemoth, which was unveiled after the 2018 Unseen event. (Which, as cool as Riftstalker is, it’s a pain to beat, so no thanks, Unseen.) Last year, it involved an audio file that could literally be deciphered using a spectrogram. Solving the full ARG would reward players with nifty in-game cosmetics.

Now, messages in their unique language are up around Ramsgate once again. There’s some stuff out-of-game too. A popular YouTuber and Dauntless content partner, xanny phantom, has a video up allegedly “from the cult.” There’s also the return of a Twitter account with its own messages. The account itself, and several of its tweets, date back to before the in-game messages were visible. The ARG was more officially pointed to in yesterday’s dev blog. The cultists’ message is pretty clearly displayed in their language, if you can, you know, decipher it and all. And this year, the blog officially confirms the ARG’s presence.

So of course, players are going out of their way to decipher the messages. This year’s “solve thread” is pinned to the officially-run Dauntless subreddit by mods, so it appears players have the go-ahead to dig in. And every time a new clue is dropped, a candle on the Twitter’s header lights up.

Unfortunately, during a stream, a few days ago, developers at Phoenix Labs shared that there’ll be no new Behemoth unlike last year. We’re also not sure yet if any of the screenshots are from new playable islands, though players appear to have debunked a “new island” theory. So if anything is going to show up, we’ll figure it out in time.

If you’re not terribly interested in the ARG — because, to be fair, dunking on Behemoths is a solid enough use of your time — Phoenix introduced plenty of treats for the season, too. The Dark Harvest event itself is returning, of course! There’ll be the return of some buyable cosmetics, including the “From Below” tombstone arrival emote.

Plus, the new Battle Pass system since last year means new opportunities for new prizes. While all the details aren’t out for the Haunted Shadows Battle Pass rewards, they’ve showed some of them off already. For instance, there’s the Ghost of a Dog emote, which summons a little skeleton puppy that does tricks. There’s also the Ultra Armour at level 50 (see our featured image).

Dauntless is free-to-play on PS4, Xbox One PC via the Epic Games Store (but it’s not an Epic game, for goodness’s sake), with some microtransactions for minor crafting upgrades and cosmetics. A Switch version has also been officially previewed, but there’s no word on a release date.

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