Dark Horse Forms Games Division to Brings it IP to More Games

The company will be developing games internally and working with other studios.

Dark Horse Comics, the publisher behind all sorts of video game comic adaptations like the Mass Effect, art books, and other video game book memorabilia, is getting into the games business in a more hands-on way. It’s opening its own games division: Dark Horse Games.

In an interview with GamesBeat, General Manager Johnny Lee said the company will be making games based on “some of its 425 story-driven characters and universes.” Some of the properties spotlighted on the company’s new site include Hellboy, Frank Miller’s Sin City and 300, Umbrella Academy, Polar, Lady Killer, Emily the Strange, Usagi Yojimbo, and Resident Alien.

Dark Horse doesn’t have the staff to make AAA-scale games on its own, so it’s looking to partner with studios by giving them access to its IP. However, it isn’t looking to force its partners into any series and is working with studios that can design games first and find a property that works with its design.

“We have evergreen properties, like Hellboy, where there will always be interest in making games and doing collaborations,” Lee told GamesBeat. “We and our partners can really evaluate if a story IP and character universe would be a good fit for games that they’re internally designing and developing. I think most triple-A devs that I’ve talked to prefer their game dev team to build core gameplay and then fit an IP to it, versus shoving an IP down their throats. We’re sensitive to that.”

In other news:

Lee told GamesBeat the company has been in talks for these projects long enough that announcements and showcases could be coming as soon as Q1 2022.

“We are speaking to all types of developers and we are open to all kinds of creative ideas, even some indie studios with cool ideas around our IPs,” said Lee. “We right now have spent a lot of time on finding the rights in game collaborations at the triple-A level where the stories and the characters fit. We are in late-stage discussions with several of them. And so if those go well, you’ll see pretty big Dark Horse Comics characters in live triple-A games no later than the end of Q1 next year.”

Outside of its partnerships, Dark Horse Games will be working on games based on less established franchises and multimedia projects like webtoons and anime.