What’s New in Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp?

Here's all the expanded minigame brings to the table.

Danganronpa Decadence, the Switch collection bringing the murder mystery series to a new platform on December 3, comes with a new game: Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp. It’s an expansion of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony’s “Ultimate Talent Development Plan,” which allows you to play as any of the characters from the games as you go from a board game to dungeon crawling turn-based battles, all making way for social sim elements where cast members from separate games have a chance to interact. Developer Spike Chunsoft has written a new blog post about the game, breaking down what new content fans can expect if they already played the Ultimate Talent Development Plan, and it seems like a pretty beefy update to an already dense mode.

Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp takes place in an alternate version of Jabberwock Island, the setting of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, but instead of solving murders, the casts of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Goodbye Despair, Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, and Killing Harmony will all be living a more peaceful life together. In the 50 days (board game turns) they’ll be spending on the island, you’ll pick one character to play during the board game segments, where you’ll be moving around the board, buffing your stats, and meeting other characters along the way.

Certain spaces on the board will result in battles, but part of Ultimate Summer Camp’s additions is the ability to switch to a separate Battle mode. This lets you make a party of four characters and fight through 200 floors, facing enemies that look like variations on the series’ villain and mascot Monokuma.

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Unfortunately, Ultimate Summer Camp seems to be keeping Ultimate Talent Development Plan’s means of unlocking playable characters: a gacha system (not with real money). I get why, as it incentivizes you to play more, but it still means it will probably still be difficult to unlock my favorite character in the series, the mastermind.

All of that is well and good, but the main draw here is the new interactions and characters that weren’t part of Killing Harmony’s original minigame. Between the 60+ playable characters (not all of which are accounted for in the currently known roster), there will be over 1000 scenes crossing over the casts of all four Danganronpa games.

The whole thing is a lighthearted, silly spin on the series’ otherwise dark subject matter. I didn’t get too into the original minigame in Danganronpa V3, but seeing how these systems are being built into a full game makes me at least willing to give it another shot. I do hope, however, that these kinds of spin-offs don’t become the norm for Danganronpa, as the series can say a lot more if it sticks to its guns and doesn’t become an oversaturated franchise.


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