Danganronpa Decadence’s Remix Album Reminds Us How Good This Series’ Music Is

The 10-track album is exclusive to the compilation's collector's edition.

A little-known fact about the Danganronpa series is that its soundtrack absolutely whips. The series is on its way to the Switch as Danganronpa Decadence, a collection of the murder mystery visual novel series’ mainline games, as well as an updated spin-off called Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp. But the collector’s edition of the compilation includes a remix album from the series’ original composer Masafumi Takada. The remixes will be exclusive to the disc that comes with the games (for now, at least. Most of the series’ soundtracks have come to services like Spotify), and Spike Chunsoft has released a sampler of the 10-track album. And what little we can hear of all these tracks sounds pretty great. Which, considering the source material, is hardly surprising.

A personal standout for me is “New World Order in the Dark Mix,” as the source material remains probably one of my favorite tracks from any game ever, and hearing it in this new light has me in my feelings about returning to these games on Switch. Even though I’ve already been replaying the whole series over the past year. Also a big fan of “Beautiful Lie Requiem,” a more stripped-down version of one of Danganronpa V3’s songs often used during its exploration segments. Good shit.

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Danganronpa Decadence is coming to Switch on December 3, which will be shortly after Spike Chunsoft holds a belated 10 year anniversary event in November. Hopefully, by then the company has finished putting the game’s visual novels on mobile devices, which it began pushing out last year until Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony was indefinitely delayed on the platform.