Cyberpunk 2077 Gets PC Requirements, RTX Gameplay, and Stream-Friendly Mode

The streaming-friendly mode will help streamers avoid DMCA takedowns.

It’s been a big week for those anticipating playing Cyberpunk 2077 on PC. This week, CD Projekt Red has released the game’s PC requirements, announced a streamer-friendly mode that will help PC streamers avoid DMCA takedowns on Twitch, and shared a new RTX gameplay video with NVIDIA.

First, there are the PC system requirements, which you can see below. It’s very detailed, providing players information on exactly what kind of hardware they will want to have to run the game on specific settings.

The chart is split up between normal requirements and requirements for ray-tracing. If you want to run the game at its best with ray-tracing enabled, you’ll basically need the newest compartments. If you want to run the game with ray-tracing on the highest setting at 1440p, you’ll be fine with an RTX 3070. If you want to make the jump to 4K and have those same settings, you’ll need the RTX 3080 to do the job. You’ll also need at least 70 GB of storage on (ideally) your SSD. It’s a pretty demanding game if you want to play it in its best form, which is no surprise.

Next is the reveal of a streamer-friendly mode. CD Projekt Red revealed in the latest and final installment of Night City Wire on Nov. 19 that it will make life a bit easier for Twitch streamers. The developer has taken steps to let streamers play Cyberpunk 2077 without worrying about being hit with DMCA strikes over copyrighted music. The mode will disable specific copyrighted tracks that could cause streamers concern. Additionally, it will replace those songs with a differently fitting background track that will provide no issues. That way, streamers won’t have to deal with the awkwardness of a silent background during a particular scene. You know the vibes.

The tracks will be automatically disabled when someone streams their console gameplay, though this can be toggled on or off. There will be over 150 custom songs on the Night City radio, so there will be plenty of songs for streamers to choose from.

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Lastly is a new gameplay video showing off Cyberpunk 2077 in its best form. The developers of CD Projekt Red discuss how ray-tracing and DLSS will offer the best experience on PC with the help of the GeForce RTX 30 series. It’s undeniably a visual stunner. I can’t help but wonder how drastic the differences across different hardware will be.

It won’t be long before we find out. Following a three-week delay, Cyberpunk 2077 will be released on Dec. 10. It will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia, with eventual free upgrades to the Xbox Series X|S and Playstation 5.


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