Cube World Closed Beta Starts Next Week for Alpha Owners

The voxel chicken is coming home to roost.

A closed beta test for the first new public Cube World build in six years will begin sometime this Monday, Sept. 23, according to an announcement on the game’s subreddit. This closed beta will only be available to those who purchased the alpha version of Cube World during the brief period it was available — it’s like finding $20 in the pocket of a coat you haven’t worn in six years.

“We currently do not know what time on the 23rd the game will be available,” says the post, but those who purchased the alpha version back in 2013 can go ahead and preemptively activate the beta version on their Steam account.

To get your Steam key for the closed beta, you’ll need to log into your account on the Picroma website, and if you’re like me, that’ll require a password reset. Luckily, I still have access to the email address I used to purchase Cube World in 2013, but if you’ve since lost access to your Cube World-associated address, try emailing support at picroma dot com. Once you’re logged into the Picroma website, click all up on that My Games tab and you’ll be presented with a prompt that looks something like this:

You know what to do from there. And while the beta doesn’t start until Monday, you can still launch the executable and watch a cute little cube person fly around on a cute little cube bird.

For its part, /r/CubeWorld is currently split into two groups of people; those who are actively working to break into the beta early, and those who are posting memes about logs. (If you wait on the beta build’s title screen long enough, you might see a log in the terrain. These logs were not present in the alpha build, and have been seized upon by the subreddit as an exciting piece of new content. I guess this is what happens when a community is starved for six years.)

“When CubeWorld [sic] came out I was too young, my parents wouldn’t buy it for me and only now I can feel the full impact of that decision,” said u/Kroetnaton. “I hope you have fun, but I ask of you a moment of compassion for those who have to wait even longer. And please somebody stream. I’m going nuts as it is, at least I want to see what I’m waiting for.”

The idea that someone who is now of-age could have been “too young” for anything in 2013 makes me feel like a cartoon skeleton covered in dust and cobwebs, which, admittedly, is only slightly worse than the cartoon mummy covered in dust and cobwebs that I normally feel like, but I digress. Let this poor youth’s experience be a lesson to all you parents out there: If you don’t buy your kids the alpha builds of indie games that they want now, they may not be able to participate in a closed beta for that same game after six years of radio silence from the married development team. Do not fall victim to this classic blunder!


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