Creative Assembly Announce Hyenas, A Multiplayer FPS Set in Space

The Total War team is trying its hand at a different genre.

I am one of earth’s biggest fans of Alien Isolation, one of Creative Assembly’s only non-strategy titles (they are well known for the Total War series and even Halo Wars 2). Today, Sega and the team announced its latest game Hyenas, a colorful multiplayer FPS set in a sci-fi universe ruined by billionaires (hey, that’s connective tissue to Alien!), with a trailer and an announced alpha session.

Here’s the core premise:

“Earth is gone, the rich have colonized Mars and the rest of humanity is living their worst life in The Taint, a giant orbiting slum. While humanity is trying to survive, the Mars billionaires are more worried about fulfilling their nostalgic dreams. Plunderships, massive retail spacecrafts dedicated to selling salvaged pop-culture artifacts from Earth, our artifacts, at space-high prices to satisfy their desires.

We, an unlikely pack of talented robbers, hit the Mars elite where it hurts most: their stuff A.K.A. OUR stuff. They call us ‘HYENAS’. 

We get in, empty some clips into their security clones and other “”preventative measures””, steal all the best stuff then get out. Exploding a clone in zero gravity is kind of messy, but as long as we make it out with the merch it’s worth it. “

I’ve seen some snark on Twitter already for the style Creative Assembly went with for Hyenas, but I don’t want to dismiss anything because 1. Alien Isolation is one of the finest game’s of the last generation, haters be damned, 2. One of the central characters appears to be wielding something akin to a GLOO gun right out of Prey (another of the finest game’s of the last generation, maybe even the finest, in my opinion), and 3. This post from Creative Assembly is at least pointing in the right direction:

We believe the key to modern shooter success is understanding what players want to see and where they want to take their experience. We know we’ve got something interesting on our hands, but we also know the odds are stacked against us,” said Executive Producer, David Nicholson. “To take on the biggest games in the industry, we need to hear what players think, right up front and early. If you’re in, we want to take you along for the ride. That’s why after today’s announcement, we’re also launching into the first of our public Alpha tests.” 

An audacious new project from a multi-award-winning studio, aiming to do to shooters what they did to horror with Alien: Isolation, there’s much more detail to come. However, some features have already been ruled out.  HYENAS won’t include pay to win mechanics. It will include Panini sticker albums, a SEGA Mega Drive and Pez dispensers. 

If the game does have tasty immersive sim elements (like Isolation did, and are possibly hinting at with that Prey-style weapon), I will certainly give it a shot.

You can sign up for the game’s public alpha on the official site.