Gorgeous New Coral Nintendo Switch Lite Coming to the West

I would straight-up eat this thing.

As further proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy, Nintendo today announced that its brand-new Coral Nintendo Switch Lite, which was originally thought to be Japan-only, will also come to North America this spring. Japan’s version will hit store shelves on March 20 for 19,980 yen, with the English dub arriving two weeks later on April 3, for the customary Nintendo Switch Lite ticket price of $199.99.

According to a Kotaku translation of the Japanese announcement, recent Switch component shortages should not impact the timing or availability of the new Coral Nintendo Switch Lite — apparently these units were manufactured before the ongoing coronavirus horror really spooled up. H-hooray? Pre-orders for the new unit have already begun to crop up around the internet.

The Nintendo Switch Lite currently has a 100 percent success rate in the looks category, unlike someone else I know. The portable-only version of Nintendo’s wunderkind launched last year in yellow, gray, and turquoise flavors, all of which were certified as Genuine High Fashion™ upon release. These new units were quickly joined by the Pokemon Sword & Shield Zacian and Zamazenta Edition Switch Lite, which, again, broke the needle off our aestheticometer. Now with the new Coral Switch Lite on the way, it’s pretty incredible that Nintendo keeps knocking it out of the park.

Okay, granted, the Switch Lite hasn’t even been on sale for a full year, but we’re five colorways in at this point. That’s five times as many successes as Nintendo has had with its line of stand alone joy-con bundles, which offer hideous and/or boring colors exclusively. I don’t know why the people in charge of joy-con colors and the people in charge of Switch Lite colors don’t talk to each other, but they really ought to. And if they do talk to each other, they need to go to couples counselling or something because this ain’t working.

Given how many color variations and special editions the Nintendo 3DS XL had over the course of its illustrious career, I’m sure that an ugly Switch Lite will, at some point, come into existence. But until then, Nintendo has an opportunity to keep batting a perfect game by releasing an Atomic Purple Switch Lite as its next variant. (Atomic Purple, for the Zoomers out there, was Nintendo’s term for the transparent purple casing applied to the Game Boy Color. Scientists have studied Atomic Purple and found it to be the world’s most-perfect color/material combination.)

The Crystal Red and Crystal Blue Nintendo 2DS units prove Big N still knows how to make a transparent handheld when it wants to, and if any console in recent memory deserves the Atomic Purple treatment, it’s the Nintendo Switch. I’d prefer a full-on Atomic Purple Switch, mind you, but I’ll settle for a Switch Lite if necessary. Besides, it’s probably cheaper and easier to crank out new colors for the Lite, since the shell of a regular Switch requires no fewer than eight pieces of plastic, while the Switch Lite shell is made of just three, and that’s only if you count the little door on the cartridge slot as its own piece. Nintendo, you have the power to usher in a new era of transparent electronics. Don’t waste it.

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