Cooking Mama is Giving up Cooking to Become Legal Action Mama

Look, sometimes we all have to look into a new career when things get messy.

The Cooking Mama series is having a weird one right now, and today the series’ IP holder Office Create/Cooking Mama Ltd. has announced that it’s looking into legal action against publisher Planet Entertainment for being responsible for said weird one.

But what the hell is going on right now that would turn the company on its publisher? Well, Planet released an unfinished game without authorization, and it’s been a wild ride for everyone involved since.

So to catch you up, Cooking Mama: Cookstar showed up on the Nintendo eShop on March 31 before being almost immediately pulled. It was still on the store long enough for people to purchase it, and there are even a few reviews out there for it, as well. In the midst of all this there were some people claiming the game was cryptocurrency miner, but those were disputed by developer 1st Playable Productions. With the game pulled from the eShop it was unclear just what the status of the game was. Well today, we still don’t have an answer for that. But we do know based on Office Create’s statement the game wasn’t reaching the quality standards the company was hoping for, and was never meant to be released in the state it was in the first place.

The post on the official Office Create website says that Cookstar was still undergoing rejections and development updates when Planet Entertainment released the game to the eShop, having ignored feedback given that it was meant to address per its contract. On March 30, one day before Cookstar magically appeared on the eShop, Office Create and Planet Entertainment’s contract was terminated, making you wonder what anyone hoped to accomplish by putting Cookstar on the digital store to begin with.

Also, there have been rumors of a PlayStation 4 version that supposedly also went live on PlayStation Network, but Office Create says in the statement it “has not licensed Planet (or any other entity) to create any Cooking Mama games for PS4.” So these rumors are either just that, or there’s more unauthorized Cooking Mama nonsense happening in the midst of all this. Notably, Planet has not confirmed if any such PS4 version of Cookstar exists.

In other news:

While Office Create doesn’t specify any of the issues it had with Cookstar internally, reviews of the game have not been particularly kind to it. As of this writing, it holds a 45 on Metacritic, but this is with only five reviews being accounted for. Given the game can’t be acquired through legitimate means, it’s unclear whether or not we’ll see more reviews pop up in the future. As for Cookstar’s future, the statement doesn’t say what Office Create plans to do with the game, whether that be cancelling it entirely or handing it off to a new developer to get some (apparently) much-needed updates.

For now, maybe keep an eye on Fanbyte, where someone may have gotten a copy as I was writing up this news story.


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