Control Team Working On Remedy’s Next Big Game

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While Remedy Entertainment, the game studio behind games like Max Payne, Alan Wake, and Control, has been around for a long time, there has never been a brighter light shone on the Finnish game studio. That can be a lot of pressure, but Remedy seems to be moving swiftly to their next few games, so maybe they don’t have time to worry about pressure.

In an interview with, Remedy CEO Tero Virtala spoke a bit about where the company is going with their next slate of software. Control, which won multiple Game of the Year awards, only sold two million copies, which Virtala does not describe as a major hit in the modern game industry. He wants to swing for the fences on the next game, so most of the Control team is working on what he hopes is Remedy’s next big thing.

Another team is working on two unannounced PC projects funded by Epic Games, which is looking to bolster its digital platform. A third team is on a multiplayer project called Vanguard, while the remaining team at Remedy is working with Smilegate on a single-player campaign to the internationally popular shooter Crossfire X.

With Remedy having recently retained the rights to Alan Wake, which had long been under the ownership of Microsoft, it seems reasonable to assume that shared universes similar to Control’s final DLC are on the table. Virtala says that both Epic titles will be in one universe on their own, so Remedy is not shying away from their brand of storytelling for new projects.

The studio recently released Control: Ultimate Edition for PlayStation 5 and Series X, even going so far as to put the next-gen version of Control on PlayStation+.


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