Colorful and Relaxing Mech Adventure Stonefly Is Out Next Month

Peaceful vibes galore in this upcoming mech-adventure about crafting, critters, and coming of age.

Stonefly, the beautiful and tranquil top-down action-adventure from Flight School Studio and MWM Interactive, is coming out on June 1.

In Stonefly, you play Annika Stonefly, a brilliant and optimistic but naïve young inventor on a quest to recover a lost family heirloom. One day, a mysterious thief in the night takes her dad’s beloved mech, which Annika had unfortunately lost after taking it out on a joyride. Getting back her dad’s rig is not just her means of redeeming herself, but also mending her relationship with her father. In this coming-of-age story during which she meets fascinating creatures and characters, she’ll discover herself, her talent, her independence, and her potential. I’m excited to meet these characters — especially Clara Vee Kimball, who seems so adorable and may or may not be a princess. You can get some teaser information on the colorful Acorn Corps crew, which Annika will join forces with, here.

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To lead up to the game’s launch, the developers will be releasing “snapshot” videos that provide small pieces of insight into the universe of Stonefly. The first is focused on the combos you can make during the game’s snappy mech combat sections, while the second centers on beetles. Which are gross. But Stonefly’s art style is so pretty and mesmerizing that they’re slightly less gross. It features “richly handcrafted art inspired by mid-century modern design and nature,” for its team set out to “create something visually unique and mechanically original with Stonefly.”

I’m so intrigued by this game’s cast and universe that maybe I’ll get to push past my ridiculously intense bug phobia to play it. Its gameplay will consist of a healthy variety of things to do, like inventing and crafting abilities for Annika’s mech; venturing into the wilderness and exploring all its magnificent corners; and taking on high-risk, high-reward challenges involving hordes of hungry buggos. Interestingly, this will not involve killing the bugs; you’ll just merely be pushing them out of the way. This is meant to be a more wholesome and peaceful kind of experience, and I’m all here for it.

“We always challenge ourselves to put stakes in the ground outside the norm, and MWM Interactive have been a great partner to allow us the creative freedom to take risks and explore new territory,” says Bohdon Sayre, Game Director at Flight School Studio. “Stonefly is an ambitious project, different than anything we’ve made before, and a game that we are really proud of.”

Stonefly will be available on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.


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