Coheed and Cambria Vocalist Sings About Video Games on Twitch so I Have Something New To Listen To

It's been 84 (three) years.

While we all stay home during the pandemic, it’s only natural that we would all pick up a few new hobbies along the way. Me? I relearned how to play guitar and actually started making an effort to play online games to be social rather than having entire Overwatch teams muted. Coheed and Cambria singer and guitarist Claudio Sanchez? He’s on Twitch these days. And he’s also singing sometimes, so I guess this will have to do until he gives us a new Coheed album.

Sanchez recently started streaming on his personal Twitch channel, playing games like Cyberpunk 2077The Witcher 3, and most recently Resident Evil 7. He also, at various points, has had flashes of musical inspiration and broken out into song, and I have gone so long without hearing anything new from Coheed and Cambria that even little ditties about the difficulties of buying a PlayStation 5 right now are enough for me.

His latest stream of Resident Evil 7, which he says is going to be his last for a bit, included a song using the game’s name. And all of these little moments of sudden musical interludes make me wish I’d been watching Sanchez’s streams live. Generally, I don’t watch many people stream, but in retrospect, the vocalist of my favorite band playing on Twitch as a limited engagement was something I should’ve made time for. Especially after I haven’t heard him sing live in almost two years. I had a ticket to see them last year for the 12th time, but then the pandemic happened and live music went away.

Now, I know I’m kind of giving him shit for not releasing a new Coheed album, but that’s not totally fair. Sanchez released an EP called “Stray Bullets” under his side project The Prize Fighter Inferno last year. And the group also released a “sequel” to Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl.” But I realized it’s been almost three years since Coheed and Cambria’s last album, 2018’s “Vaxis – Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures.” Under normal circumstances that would probably mean a new album is coming soon, as the band has usually had a two or three year gap between albums in the past, but being in the midst of a pandemic is not “normal circumstances.” I guess I’ll just have to make do with Sanchez’s Twitch jingles. Someone make them into a YouTube playlist for me.

More music and video games:

Coheed and Cambria’s records are concept albums telling the story of The Amory Wars, which has been adapted into comics, novels, and even a video game that has since been wiped from the face of the planet. It was apparently not great, but it came out when I didn’t have a smartphone to play it on, so I feel like I missed out on a part of my favorite band’s history. “The Unheavenly Creatures” begins a new saga in the Amory Wars universe, following new characters and a new conflict.


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