Code Vein’s First DLC Drops With New Story, Bosses, And Rewards

The new DLC for Code Vein, which dropped with no warning, features challenges for players to earn new rewards.

If you’ve needed a reason to return to your dream vampire life in Code Vein, Bandai Namco just released one today. Code Vein, everyone’s favorite vampire action game of 2019, has a new DLC titled Hellfire Knight, featuring a new area to explore and quite a bit to do.

In Hellfire Knight, Revenants can explore a new Depths region called Fiery Oblivion. Bandai Namco claims that the new area holds “new story elements,” as well as a new major boss, the titular Hellfire Knight.

It also looks like there’s the Horror Hunting Trials, which appear to be new loot challenges. The team describes the Trials as “unique challenges for players to complete in order to unlock new content including new partner costumes for Louis and Io, new weapons, a new blood code, character creation items, and more.”

Basically, you can earn new weapons, a new ability, and even ways to deck out your extremely attractive vampire protagonist. The trailer even shows off some of the weapons available to players. If you really enjoyed getting into the nitty-gritty of Code Vein’s customization, whether in gameplay or appearance, this could be a good pickup.

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In case you need a recap, Code Vein is the anime-like, vampire-themed, post-apocalyptic Souls-like action RPG that became a sudden hit. In it, you play as a “Revanant,” a human-like creature that sucks up and memories blood in exchange for powers. You go around beating up the Lost, essentially demons that have lost the last bit of their humanity.

Unlike other Souls-like games, in Code Vein, you can change your class on the fly. Plus, other characters accompany you into combat. While gameplay itself was janky, many praised it as oddly satisfying, especially when mixing up classes.

Even if you loved Code Vein, you’ll be forgiven if you were caught off-guard for this DLC. Although general time windows were given, there was no prior release date for this DLC until the second it dropped into platform stores. If you were, in fact, caught off-guard, it’s not too hefty of a price: $24.99 for all three upcoming DLCs, or $9.99 each.


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