Chris Jericho’s AEW Championship Belt Stolen At Tallahassee Longhorn Steakhouse

Chris Jericho is a legendary professional wrestler in the middle of the twilight of his career. The 48-year-old former WWE and WCW star is now the most recognizable name and face of All Elite Wrestling, the startup promotion founded by Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, and Jacksonville Jaguars owner Tony Khan.

At AEW’s most recent pay-per-view event, All Out, Chris Jericho defeated Adam “Hangman” Page to become the promotion’s first world champion. Just days after Jericho’s reign began, a police report was filed in Tallahassee, Florida on Monday evening indicating that Jericho’s championship belt had been stolen.

Wrestling reporter David Bixenspan confirmed with Tallahassee Police the report is real and the story sounds like a doozy.

According to the report, Jericho (real name Christopher Irvine) was fetched by limo from the airport and taken directly to the Longhorn Steakhouse, where he no doubt enjoyed more than salami and a little bit of the bubbly. At some point between the airport and the Longhorn Steakhouse, Jericho realized he picked up the wrong luggage. Jericho left the luggage (including the AEW Title) in the limo while the driver went back to the airport to pick up the right luggage. Upon returning to the Longhorn Steakhouse, no AEW Title remained.

Officers were dispatched to the Longhorn Steakhouse and airport for thorough searches of both, but to no avail. Forensics were apparently called to the scene.

Professional wrestling is often cartoonishly silly with outcomes so outlandish you can’t help but roll your eyes. If you had scripted put-upon, metal, hockey, goth dad Chris Jericho getting his belt stolen at a Florida steakhouse, you’d get laughed out of the writer’s room.

Here’s to hoping Chris Jericho finds his AEW Title before he likely defends the belt on AEW’s first show on TNT on October 2, 2019.