Check Your Email, Lest Your Final Fantasy VII Remake Pre-order Be Cancelled

Square-Enix just doing shit with people's money these days.

Square-Enix is really on a roll with handling folks’ Final Fantasy VII Remake pre-ofrders. Where once the company was charging for the collector’s edition months in advance, it’s now using Twitter to announce that it’s sending an opt-in email to people who pre-ordered through the official Square-Enix store to establish that you do, in fact, want the copy of Final Fantasy VII Remake you pre-ordered. If you don’t opt-in by February 28, your pre-order will be cancelled entirely.

While most people who pre-ordered a standard edition probably made the sensible choice to not use Square-Enix’s dedicated store and endure these various headaches, if you’re specifically looking to get the Biggest and Baddest Edition around, you would have had to go through the Square-Enix store to purchase it as it’s exclusive to the company’s online shop.

If you’re unlucky enough to miss the original email, Square-Enix will be sending out another about a week before the cut off date on February 20.

Apparently the whole mess is related to the game’s month-long delay to April 10. Hopefully when the Final Fantasy VII Remake finally makes its way to platforms other than PlayStation 4 in a year Square-Enix will be done mismanaging the whole thing.

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While its naming convention doesn’t really acknowledge it, the game titled Final Fantasy VII Remake is actually part one of an undetermined number of games that will tell the story of Final Fantasy VII for a modern audience. All we know at this point is that Square-Enix has already begun development on the next entry, but that’s the extent of what we know about the future so far.

The first game was announced at E3 2015, meaning it’s taken roughly five years of development to get the first one out. With in-game systems decided upon and an assortment of assets already made, it’s unlikely the next however many games in the Final Fantasy VII Remake series will take quite as long to hit store shelves. However, whatever the case may be, the remake will overlap with the launch of new consoles like the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. But as those will be backwards compatible, Square-Enix may opt to continue to release them on PlayStation 4 with compatibility with the newer systems to make it look a little bit better. We’re in unprecedented territory with what is essentially a huge, AAA episodic game and given everything else the company has ever done, I’m not particularly confident in Square-Enix’s ability to wade into uncharted waters and make sensible decisions.

At some point it appears Square-Enix will be releasing a demo for the game, and despite it not being announced, it’s already managed to leak spoilers into the world about the 20-year-old game.

As for other going ons in the Final Fantasy sphere, Square-Enix has announced that it will be adding to the Final Fantasy XV universe with a mobile MMORPG that will run parallel to the original game’s story.


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