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Capcom Outlines Street Fighter V's Final Season of Characters

Four characters were revealed, with one more on the way.

During a Street Fighter V Summer Update stream, Capcom revealed four of the five remaining playable fighters as part of the game’s final season of content.

First up is Dan, a recurring character in the Street Fighter series, whose first appearance was as a playable character in Street Fighter Alpha. While Capcom didn’t have much to show for him, a brief off-screen mirror match was shown of Dan in action…which is not exactly the best first impression you can make, but Capcom certainly did that.

Second, Kenny Omega returned to Street Fighter promotional materials by taking his sweet time in announcing that Rose will be joining Street Fighter V, and while there was no footage, there was this one piece of concept art.

Like Dan, Rose made her debut in the Street Fighter Alpha series, and was last seen in Street Fighter IV.

Next up is Oro, who has been in Street Fighter V’s story modes, but he’ll now be added in as a playable character during season five.

Fourth character is Akira Kazama from the Rival Schools series, which takes place in the same universe as Street Fighter, just with different characters and storylines. Before now, Akira hadn’t made an appearance in a mainline Street Fighter game. Like everyone else, Akira was only seen in concept art rather than a trailer made of in-game footage.

Capcom stated that there is one more character who will cap off season five, but they will be announced at a later date. Along with the character announcements, Capcom also laid out the roadmap for Street Fighter V’s fifth season, and it looks like it will extend well into next year. Dan will launch this winter, bringing with him a new stage, several costumes, as well as mechanical and balance updates. Rose will follow in the spring with her own stage, as well as new costumes. The summer will have two new characters, as both Oro and Akira will be added then, along with Akira’s stage. Then things will conclude in the fall of 2021 with an update that will include the new, unannounced character, a stage, costumes, and a balance patch.

In other news:

Along with confirming what’s coming in the next season, Capcom also announced that Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is available as a free trial starting today, and players will have access to all 40 playable characters during this time. The trail will conclude in two weeks on August 19.

Street Fighter V was originally going to be one of the featured games during this year’s EVO tournament, which was cancelled due to coronavirus concerns and replaced by an online version of the tournament. However, following sexual misconduct allegations against the company co-founder Joey Cuellar, EVO cancelled EVO Online entirely and Cuellar was removed from the company. While refunds were given to people who’d paid for tickets to the digital event, EVO also said it would be donating an equivalent amount to those proceeds to Project HOPE, a healthcare organization dedicated to providing medical care to areas in need.

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