Capcom Is Supporting the Hell Out of Monster Hunter in 2020

Title Update 13.0 and beyond will bring new monsters, weapons, and more.

The 2020 roadmap for Monster Hunter World updates looks pretty bright. This weekend at Monster Hunter Festa, a convention for all things Monster Hunter, developer Capcom laid out its plans for the game going into this year. And there’s a helluva lot to look forward to — even after a very strong three months since the launch of Iceborne last September. MHW fans will have no shortage of new monsters, events, variants, and more to hunt and carve for the foreseeable future.

You can see the rundown for yourself in the official MHW roadmap. The schedule below shows everything coming to the game between January and May of 2020 (with hints of what comes next).

mhw roadmap 2020

January 2020 – MHW Update Roadmap

Everything kicks off with the Grand Appreciation Fest this Friday (or Thursday, depending on your time zone), which is the second anniversary event featured in a previous developer diary. Players will be able to unlock new layered armor, plus goodies like the Well-Done Hammer (a weapon in the shape of a giant haunch of meat). If this follows in the footsteps of every other seasonal event so far, players will also gain access to most previous event quests in the game. That makes it a perfect time to farm for special tickets and other limited-time equipment.

February 2020 – MHW Update Roadmap

We slow down a bit in February. There will still be plenty to do, though! It’ll just be focused on things like farming monster crown trophies and Great Spiritvein Gems. You’ll also be able to harvest more decorations, which are often a pretty big pain otherwise — especially for new players. Oh, and if you’re having trouble reaching Master Rank 200 to unlock every bonus quest, there will be events to help boost that number. All of this seems designed to help get fans ready for the really major content drop this March.

March 2020 – MHW Update Roadmap

Said update (Title Update 13.0) will include two new monster variants. Though players should take note that “variant” is usually different from “subspecies” in Monster Hunter jargon. Variants are typically more-or-less the same as normal monsters, but with a couple new moves or behaviors.

MHW fans might compare them to Ruiner Nergigante or Scarred Yian-Garuga. Returning hunters could also think of Rusted Kushala Daora or Raging Brachydios. The former uses fewer wind attacks than its normal counterpart, preferring to stay on the ground and attack directly. Whereas the Brachydios variant explodes more easily — even detonating its own body parts if hunters stay too close for too long.

We’re talking about that level of difference, rather than a complete overhaul in an old skin, like the Coral Pukei-Pukei. Since we can assume these will be variants of monsters already in MHW, it would be nice if this update brings some of the game’s mid-level creatures (and gear) up to snuff with the rest of the endgame. Despite their similarities, variants are usually still come with upgraded versions of armor and/or weapons.

mhw 2020 roadmap

April 2020 – MHW Update Roadmap

Speaking of making old monsters relevant: April brings Master Rank Arch-Tempered monsters to MHW. This will include brand-new Arch-Tempered Elder Dragons (likely Namielle, Blackveil Vaal Hazak, and/or Shara Ishvalda). It will also bring old Arch-Tempered beasts up to Master Rank. The monsters will accompany another seasonal get-together: likely the 2020 equivalent of a Spring Blossom Fest.

The roadmap also promises monsters — plural. But it’s hard to say how many we’ll get all at once. Not to mention we don’t know how many will be new new, and how many will be Master Rank versions. Personally, I’m rooting for an Arch-Tempered Namielle. I’d love to see that Splatoon-ass armor made more useful with a Gamma set.

Gamma armor, for those who don’t know, is the name given to the third armor option you get from Arch-Tempered monsters. These typically have better assortments of skills, slots, and stats than the beta versions. The catch is that you need to fight Arch-Tempered Elder Dragons to get them — which are usually much stronger than even Tempered versions.

May 2020 – MHW Update Roadmap

Things only ramp up from there. May will include the return of a “fan-favorite monster!” It’s anyone’s guess as to what that might be, but the wording implies it won’t be another subspecies or variant. To wax about my own tastes once again, I’m rooting for Zamtrios (to fit the frozen aesthetic of Iceborne), Seltas Queen (which would technically be two monsters), or Mizutsune (because bubbles are cool). Although I’m sure most readers are already stomping their feet and chanting “Fatalis” as I type this.

Capcom announced even more special news for May. PC and console players will finally sync up! That is to say, new content and title updates added in May and beyond will hit both versions of the game simultaneously. It seems unlikely this would also mean MHW cross-play, this late in the game’s life cycle, but it does at least open the door to such a thing. Time will tell. And either way, it’ll be a nice bump for PC players (and anyone looking to make the jump to better textures and load times).

MHW USJ Master Rank

June & Later 2020 – MHW Update Roadmap

The roadmap peters out around June — at least in terms of hard info. Capcom promises “new monsters and updates,” but didn’t go into further specifics. Even so, this is one incredibly meaty content plan for the first half of the year. Base MHW originally got five full, new monsters over its entire lifespan. We’ve already gotten more than half that number, with a hard timeline on another three, and more promised beyond that. That’s quite a lot considering every subsequent update will be free.

Finally, while we don’t know much about it just yet, there will also be another Universal Studios Japan collaboration for Iceborne. This will be the latest version of the “USJ Blazing Azure Stars!” event featured in the base game. It will feature all-new armor in the vein of the Blazing Starlord set alrady in MHW, as well as what looks like a Master Rank version of the Azure Star Blade Long Sword. You can see the gear in the image above. There’s no information regarding when this might make it to the west, however.

Altogether it seems like a pretty damn good time to get into Monster Hunter World. We’ll keep you updated on the rest of what Capcom has cooking as the information becomes available. Until then, happy hunting!