Capcom Delays Re:Verse Multiplayer Mode into 2022

The multiplayer game was meant to launch alongside Resident Evil: Village.

Capcom has announced that Re:Verse, the multiplayer mode meant to launch alongside Resident Evil: Village, has been delayed until next year.

The mode was originally going to be a packaged deal with Village when it launched back in May, but was delayed close to launch and set to eventually make its way to PC and consoles this summer. Now Capcom has announced on its various social channels that Re:Verse won’t be out in 2021 at all.

The previously announced July 2021 launch of Resident Evil Re:Verse is being moved to 2022 so that the team can continue working to deliver a smooth gameplay experience. We will share updated launch details at a later time. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

A download code for Re:Verse is included in physical copies of Resident Evil: Village, which Capcom told fans to either redeem now or keep track of it until next year. So, like, just redeem it?

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The Resident Evil series has had multiplayer modes before, but its recent outings have been trying to distance them from the main games they’ve been launching aside. And I don’t mean by delaying them. Resident Evil: Village and Re:Verse were one thing, but Resident Evil 3 Remake also had a multiplayer mode that became a whole live service thing called Resident Evil Resistance just last year. So it seems like Capcom is really trying to make Resident Evil multiplayer a thing and looking to find one that will stick. Which some might argue is a doomed endeavor.